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    Today after I started my thread in the Veer section about how I called multiple Best Buy stores as well as my local AT&T store to see if they would have units in stock tomorrow, just to find out that they wouldn't I really started to question HP's marketing strategy, but then I had a bit of an epiphany.

    The devices shown in February were announced together for a reason, and that reason is because they act as a single ecosystem when used together. Now that sounds pretty redundant since that is basically word for word what they said at the February 9th event, and ever since then, but I seemed to have been expecting a huge webOS push for the Veer launch. The reason that I believe there isn't a big push now, is because as a single piece of that ecosystem it's just a phone.

    Bear with me here. HP has been talking recently about how they want every part of your day to be connected from the clock that wakes you up in the morning, to the computer you use at work, to the tablet you use on the train to get home, and so on and so forth. With just one piece of that puzzle, what do you really have? You have a Pre or a Pixi. A great webOS device with few apps and a tiny screen. Pair the Veer to a touchpad, and what do you have? A mobile hotspot to get "4G" speed to a large screen, an on the go mid-weight for handling email and messaging without cramming your fingers, for when you are fairly stationary, and a hyper-lightweight small screen for when you are running to your connecting flight and need to shoot a message to your sweetie back home that you're on schedule. Together they are an ecosystem, and with the Veer being so small, I think that is a must to attract any business oriented adult.

    Now I know that this really sounds just like what people have been saying here for a long while now, but this is what really got me to the realization of why there is no push right now. I think that the fear is that if Veers get into the hands of businesspeople right now, they will be a failure. As soon as the device can be paired with a TouchPad, it would take a marketing catastrophe to make them fail.

    My suggestion to all of you who are expecting the worst (or believe this is another Pre2 Launch) is to trust that HP playing down the Veer right now as a very well calculated move. Once the Touchpad and Pre3 are closer to release there should be a boatload of advertising, and that's when we will see the Veer really showing its colors as a part of a much more intricate ecosystem.
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    So why release the veer now? If there is concern that people will hate the veer if not paired with a touchpad it seems like it's obvious the people making the decisions are down right stupid.

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