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    I am a Treo 270 user and have just started with a genealogy program called MyRoots from Tapperware.

    I asked a question to the developer like this...

    > I am using a Handspring Treo 270 and am finding diffultuly moving
    > between fields when entering new data. I am trying to use the up
    > or down scroll in the centre of the key board, but nothing
    > happens. I have to use the stylus, rather tedious.
    > Any ideas?

    The up/scroll button is not used to move between fields. On the screen where
    you set up a new person, the scroll button is not used for anything. You can
    use the "next field" and "previous field" graffiti strokes to move between
    the fields on that screen. These are the same strokes as used in the Address
    Book application, and you can read about how to draw the strokes in the
    Address Book documentation. Unfortunately, they are not displayed in the
    on-screen Graffiti help. Your only other option is to use the stylus to move
    between fields.

    Tom Ward

    He is obviously used to a "graffiti" palm not a Treo, has any body got any ideas what I am doing wrong to stop me "tabbing" somehow between fields using the keyboard?
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    Treo Keyboard utilities lets you assign the next field/previous field functions to the keyboard.

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    Thanks for reply

    Sorry as a new user I am not familiar with the Treo Keyboard Utility. Where do I find it, not in Preferences?

    Is this an add on bit of software?

    Assuming that I get it working, which keyboard keys would you advise using for Next Field & Previous Field.
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    Treo Keyboard Utilities is a 'hack' which is a program that is used to modify the operating system to provide features not available in the orginal OS (to put it simply).

    You will need to download hackmaster or xmaster first to be able to use TKU. I use xmaster - it's freeware. (The links are on the same page that Appleman gave).

    To make the leys easy to remember, I assigned 'Q' and 'A' as next/previous field, and I use the 'numeric' keys for cursor positioning: 'U' is up, 'N' is down, 'H' is left and 'K' is right.

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    Many thanks team. You have solved all my problems, With both programs I can now easily assign keys and move between fields as I work through my geneology database without using the stylus hardly at all.

    Many thanks from a new Treo/Palm user


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