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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I think it shows that HP and Sprint still have a business relationship.
    Well, I don't think there ever was anything that would sour their relationship. HOWEVER, the situation with webOS is a little different. Maybe HP will be able to use their previous relationship with Sprint to convince Sprint to push webOS. Maybe not.
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    @6tr6tr that's what i was thinking as well. however, it's not all that cost-effective if you look at the prices. and, as pointed out above... no phone we're not at the point of ubiquitous wifi yet.
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    If HP is integrating Skype into its phone app, then why wouldn't a Pre on one of these data plans be sufficient?
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    At the moment Skype calls are routed across the VZW voice network. Not sure if that is still an exclusive deal. If not, then someone would have to be able to create a 3rd party skype app for voip calls. Not sure if Skype allows license/access to develop client apps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    I don't know anyone who is using mobile Skype as their primary phone. If this is feasible, I would imagine we would see it happening with an iPod Touch with some kind of data sled or an iPad with 3G first since Skype has been fully functional on these devices for a good while.
    I know some, but they are not in the US. I use it for domestic calls with family, but only because they are calling me for video chat and I'll answer it on my Pre2 if I'm not at my PC or I don't have Skype running on my PC.

    The mobile voice plans are so cheap that Skype isn't a huge attraction until you add video. VZW has clearly figured out the threat and is routing those calls across their voice network. I'm anxious to see how VZW will support video calling via Skype on a future webOS device. I don't know how VZW are doing Skype on iPhone or Android.... but that will indicate what is likely for webOS on future VZW/Palm devices.
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    I would imagine neither apple or at&t are too interested in a 3G ipod touch. Not if they want to sell iphones.

    I use skype on my at&t iphone all the time. What's this verizon only thing i keep hearing about?
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    the Pre2 has skype integrated into the phone and messaging apps. It's really cool, actually, and works really well. But no video calling yet, at least partially because the Pre2 doesn't have a front facing camera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    the cool part is that hp is now a "carrier" and can launch a 3G touchpad without any carrier. That's good unless this is a sign that no carrier wants the touchpad...
    Users can buy multiple phones and keep them in different locations and for different uses. So is HP competing with the carriers the way Google tried to do with the Nexus?
    I suppose HP has greater experience with customer service for electronics.
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