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    >Don't you think this will put enormous competitive pressure on T-Mobile?

    No, I honestly don't think they care. hehe I know that sounds kindof silly, but I really don't. Why? Beacuse while other companies are currently dropping data prices, T-Mobile has yet to even introduce data capability for us, let alone drop the price. (by "us" I mean treo folk). If I were Handspring, I would be quite upset. But it seems like they're being just as hush-hush about it as T-mobile.
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    I'm not sure I'd blame T-Mobile for the lack of our GPRS. I haven't read any firm proof that it's footdragging by T-Mobile and not Handspring in this context.

    And that said, sheesh, Sprint's PCSVision was ridiculously expensive, if I recall, until this morning's announcement. Maybe I'm naive or optimistic, but heck, give T-mobile a month or two and I'll eat my bytes if T-Mobile doesn't unveil significantly competitive data options. Maybe in time for Christmas?
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    I hope you're right. I guess I've become jaded, now that I'm surrounded by people with gprs devices, even though I'm had mine since April, and still can't do it.
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    Originally posted by mportune
    oh good, another shot in the face for gprs treo users...

    wow, this is getting really, really sad.
    I prefer to take the "silver lining" view of this - this will put considerable pressure on T-Mobile to lower their GPRS rates, or at least offer more data at the current prices.

    But seriously, the delay of GPRS on the Treo on T-Mobile is bordering on ridiculous. I bought my 270 in July, and I'm already fed up with waiting -- I can't even imagine what the first 180 buyers are feeling like.

    The T-Mo PocketPC has it, the T-Mo Sidekick has it. But we don't ... quite frankly, I find this to be highly insulting. If the SK plan actually had decent anytime minute packages, I might have switched by now. And that's a big step, from a 6-year Palm loyalist.
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    Originally posted by ThatAdamGuy
    I'm not sure I'd blame T-Mobile for the lack of our GPRS. I haven't read any firm proof that it's footdragging by T-Mobile and not Handspring in this context.
    Granted - I don't know all of the details, but I'd say that since the GPRS 1.1 update has been released for most carriers in Asia and Europe, I'd say it leans more toward T-Mo having a problem, than Handspring. Obviously, the GPRS code is in place and working on multiple carriers around the world ...
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    Yes, I should admit that:
    1) I'm pretty happy with dialup
    2) I just got my Treo180 in late July
    3) I got a sweetheart minutes deal (1000 anytime for $40) with T-Mobile this explains why I'm a bit more patient.

    That said, when you put it that way, dtoombs (about T-mobile GPRS working for everything BUT Handsprings), that does make it seem a bit more frustrating

    However, once again, you should note that *NO* carrier in the U.S. currently supports Handspring GPRS, so it still suggests to me that Handspring is using Asia/Europe to test out the Treo GPRS kinks before unwrapping GPRS 1.2 here in the U.S., oh, say, next week

    Hey, a guy can dream, right?
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    Unlike the Sidekick, a Treo 300 is color and uses a Palm OS. Plus, it offers instant notification of new e-mails via the SMS alert feature in TreoMail. If you then desire, downloading the e-mails can be done by simply pressing and holding the mail app button, and the e-mail arrives very quickly.

    And, on the new Sprint plans, you can get unlimited data for $10/month -- so, for the same $40/month plan T-Mobile gets for unlimited data and 200 minutes, you could get unlimited data and 300 minutes on a Treo 300 with Sprint (or upgrade to more minutes for far less than the 35-cent/minute rate T-Mobile charges Sidekick users).

    So, I see only one advantage to the Sidekick: the purchase price of the device itself.
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    Yup on the price diff.

    for $499(Treo 300), you could've bought 4 SK's at CompUSA with the $150.00 discount and had change left over. That plus the $39.00 unlimited internet/email was a pretty amazing deal.

    Compare the SK to the new $99 Palm Zire.

    I paid $399 for my Treo 180 when they first came out...Ha!

    One question though, which is better Vision or GPRS I don't understand the diff.

    Also getting an SMS about new mail didin't cut it for me when I was on the Treo. I couldn't get enough info to determine if I wanted to retireve it or not. Especially if it had a bunch of header garbage attached.
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    Originally posted by ThatAdamGuy
    That said, when you put it that way, dtoombs (about T-mobile GPRS working for everything BUT Handsprings), that does make it seem a bit more frustrating
    Indeed it is ... we have two very relevant points here:

    1. T-Mobile GPRS works for everything else, including the PocketPC and the SideKick. So we know the delay can't really be a problem with their GPRS.

    2. Handspring GPRS patch v1.1 is working well (reportedly) in Europe and Asia. So we know that the delay can't be due to a lack of functional code (since some people hacked it to install here in the US and it works just fine).

    So - Handspring and T-Mobile - what is the big delay huh?? I find no valid technical reason whatsoever why this has not been released in the US ...

    (I know, it's falling on deaf ears, they don't read boards like this nor do they care about us ... I just needed to vent)
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    I would sincerely guess that it's merely a (frustrating) resource issue. Handspring has probably made it clear to American wireless telecom companies that it is NOT ready or willing to support its device here yet. HS techs may currently have their hands full supporting Asian and European users with fried or malfunctioning Treo phones (due to HS or user issues), and may simply lack the people-resources to simultaneously handle support for U.S. endusers.

    HS may also not yet have found the time/resources to train U.S. carriers on Treo issues and troubleshooting, resulting in the above scenario making even more sense. After all, if Joe Schmo can't connect, he may blame his wireless carrier first, but it's a very short distance from there to, "Mr. Schmo, I regret to inform you that this is a Handspring issue. Let me give you their 800 number..."

    While we can (justifiably) express annoyance that HS hasn't gotten on the ball and handled the roll-out more efficiently, it shouldn't be surprising to us that they're wanting to take their own sweet time. After all, the Treo 300 is their baby now, and probably most of the folks who want/wanted a Treo 180/270 have already bought one and have no choice other than to be patient.

    Sure, this footdragging may be harming the HS brand, but I'd cynically note that most companies nowadays are more worried about saving their stock price in the short term than pleasing customers for the long haul.

    And frankly, if either T-Mobile or HS REALLY cared about their customers, they'd be closely monitoring disucssions like this one, with us early-adopter/geek folks being harbingers of issues-to-come.

    Oh, and yes, I'll eat my words and issue a formal apology here if I do get a personal note from any T-Mobile or HS officials as a result of this posting
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    FWIW many people have Treos working just fine on T-Mobile's network. And if you call up and tell them you have a Treo, just tell them "I'm not looking for support, just put GPRS on my account, I can do the rest."

    The pricing? Well that's still a bugbear, but oh well.
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    Oh. The reason for the delay? They dont want to trample the deal with sprint. They thought sprint was going to sell a lot of these treo 300's. If they release GPRS for the GSM Treo , then sales of the 300 would have been drastically effected.

    (T-mobile had already inked deals for front line support for Danger andthe Sidekick)

    They sold you out for Sprint, and they didnt even offer a consolation prize.

    Sorry, it was a gamble that hasn't really paid off in the numbers. I am part of the faction that believes that word of mouth was spreading on the Treo and we had beat Danger to market, so we should take advanatage of that and spur a 180/270 buying spree by releasing GPRS ahead of time.

    That got killed in committee by the empty promises of Sprint, looking for a device that was high end. Remember that GSM devices appeal to the high end market because GSM works seamlessly overseas, while CDMA and other technologies are ***-backward and work nowhere except in dense cities.

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