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    Here's the story:

    I have set up my sprint pcs email account at their website. I can sign on and the new password works. I can receive email at the website but when I try to reply or send a new email I get the prompt: "Sorry, we have (a) temporary problem accessing your account." This temporary problem has been going on for a week.

    On my treo, whenever someone sends me email, I get a tone alerting me to the new message. When I select "SMS" on the pda home menu, I see a list of alerts, typically: "NO Caller ID check your PCS Mail"

    How can I access these emails on my Treo? When I go to the PCS Web home menu, and select "Messaging" all that comes up is a link to "Business Connect" when I select that the submenu choices include "Personal" and "Enterprise". Selecting "personal" brings up a sign-on page.When I type in my sprint id and password, it replies with "login incorrect, please try

    So, why can't I send email from the sprint pcs website, and how do I access that messages that are coming to my treo?
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    The web site is largely hosed. They hope to address the problems with the large system upgrade on Oct 25. You'll see a lot of glitches on it until then.

    I use Eudora to get my SprintPCS mail (as well as mail from home and work). There are probably other ways, but this works for me.

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