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    I know, it would be a major pain for HP, but fer cryin' out loud, this community is eating itself.

    I've certainly wanted to throw some invective around here about my impatience waiting for a carrier announcement, and dreading the seeming inevitability of getting left behind by Sprint. And the disingenuous "coming soon" announcements.

    The Touchpad UI leaks were predictable - I applied for the early access program, and all I had to do was say I was planning to develop apps for 3.0 (and I'm trying). They took all comers, and stumbled across some unscrupulous fellow.

    Surely there are unscrupulous fellows/gals on your staff? Really - how much can a job writing for PreCentral be worth?

    A lifeline, please?
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    sometimes all a person has is their dignity. show the staff a little respect and let them keep their dignity
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    I don't think it's OK to encourage this kind of behavior.
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    In other news,

    Dear Sky: More sunshine, please. Sincerely, people.

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