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    I have tried using both One touch, & Eudora mail, but I can NOT send email from my 270. The software ( either one) will retreive my POP3 mail from BTinternet, but when sending it's always " connection timed out" or "outgoing mail server ** error"
    Needless to say, BT state " we do not support this application"
    Any idea's?
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    I have no problems using BT's pay-as-you-go service from my Treo 180g with Eudora.

    My outgoing settings (in Eudora) are:

    SMTP server:

    Security (outgoing): plain - same as incoming, SSL: none.

    Network dialup number 0845 756 0000

    Hope that helps,
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    It appears to connect via GPRS rather than dial up- I've never entered a number for BT. Is that possible? Even if the GPRS connection isn't enabled, clicking on Eurdora ( or one touch) starts the GPRS connection.. maybe I'm getting confused..?
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    If you are using GPRS then you need to use the SMTP server provided by your phone network operator rather than BT's SMTP server as BT's machine will only accept mail if you are connected directly to their network (this is an anti-spam measure). In contrast POP3 servers can usually be accessed through any connection.

    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    I've spoken to Vodaphone, and they don't have an SMTP server.
    Basically BTintenret won't support the treo but the BTinternet account is ok, , and as there's nothing wrong with my Vodaphone account, and nothing wrong with the Treo i'm kinda caught between a rock and a hard place - three bits of kit which won;t work together, and everybody passing the buck...
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    Vodaphone almost certainly do have an SMTP server - they have to, they are effectively your ISP when you're using GPRS.

    I don't use them so can't be sure but it maybe (vizzavi is their data service) if not then call their support again and:
    a) Don't mention you have a Treo (if necessary pretend you have a GPRS phone they *do* support)
    b) Remember that the person you first speak to is only a Grockle - reading from a script, minimum wage, possibly first day on the job.
    c) Ask what SMTP server you should use with their GPRS service WHICH YOU PAY FOR
    d) If you get no joy remain polite but ask to speak to a supervisor, continue to escalate your enquiry until it is sorted.

    HTHs (posted from my Treo).
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    I'll try that later, thanks. I have actually found the one decent part of Vodaphone - with a direct dial number- No telephonic abyss to wade through. They guided me through all the APN stuff needed for proper GPRS connection. I'll give them another try later. Thanks for your help. And patience..


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