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    I currently have a Pre- and I had a Centro before that. I am completly used to physical keyboards, but I have been eyeing the so-called Stingray (or slab phones in general). I have two main questions about a virtual keyboard.

    1. How annoying is it that the vkb takes up room on the screen? I use my Pre all day for everything, but I don't seem to use the slider/keyboard too often, or at least I don't notice myself flicking the kb open. Just really when googling something or texting. I got to thinking that the vkb popping up the few times I would need it would not be too big an issue. Am I wrong?

    2. When does the vkb actually pop up? If I am not trying to type anything, the keyboard isn't there, right? I would just click on some field to type and the vkb would pop up, and then what? Do I click off the vkb to make it disappear? ... That's right. I have not used a slab before.
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    1. it depends on the app's design. on iOS devices, some apps are well-designed and there is enough room for you to see what you're typing in. other apps aren't so well-designed and you only see a few lines... yes it's annoying. webOS's virtual keyboard, at least on the TouchPad, comes in 4 sizes. whether or not this carries through to the phone, we don't know. considering that the phone is a smaller form factor, though, i don't expect to see a resizable virtual keyboard there.

    2. yes. whenever a text-field is in focus, the keyboard pops up. there is also a button to dismiss the keyboard as well, if you don't want to use it for some reason.

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