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    Here are all the product briefs for all the processors used by webOS devices:

    Pixi (Plus) - Qualcomm MSM 7x27
    QDevNet - Chips - MSM7X27 Chipset Family

    Pre (Plus) - TI OMAP 3430
    OMAP™ 3 Processors - OMAP3430

    Pre 2 - TI OMAP 3630
    OMAP™ 3 Processors - OMAP36x

    Veer - Qualcomm MSM 7230
    Can't find this one yet... but here's a Press release with some specs
    Qualcomm Bringing Flagship Gigahertz Processing to Mainstream Smartphone Tier of Chipsets

    Pre3 - Qualcomm MSM 8x55

    TouchPad - Qualcomm APQ8060 (Would assume the WWAN version would use MSM8x60)

    Here's a bonus: spec of all the GPUs used by the Qualcomm chips:
    QDevNet - Adreno Graphics Processors | See the list of Qualcomm Adreno GPUs
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    Wish TP and pre-3 CPU and GPU were same.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I've been wondering about this for a while, the chip in the TP says cores up to 1.5ghz. Does that mean HP is underclocking a 1.5ghz chip to 1.2ghz or are they getting cores that are clocked at 1.2ghz by qualcomm?

    I know this is a debate that went on for a while when the pre first came out, but I didn't know if anyone had some good info on this.
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    More likely than not, they simply got the cores rated for 1.2ghz.

    Regardless, we'll probably see a 1.5ghz UberKernel about two weeks after the TouchPad release, a 2.0 ghz UberKernel about two months later, and a 3.0ghz UberKernel half a year later. Not that it'll actually make a difference, but people seem to enjoy it if their telephone / couch-surf tablet is clocked higher than their desktop computer.

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