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    NAB 2011: HP Phil McKinney: We are at a unique tipping point. Showed several futuristic concepts. HP webOS on them.

    In a great post by Ann Finnie worldwide PRPRPR $manager$ $for$ $HP$'$s$ $consumer$ $PCs$ $and$ $for$ $PhilMcKinney$, $VP$ &$amp$; $CTO$, $takes$ $us$ $on$ $a$ $Phil$ $McKinney$ $ride$ $on$ $how$ $the$ $devices$ $of$ $the$ $near$-$future$ $would$ $look$ $like$ $and$ $how$ $content$ $would$ $have$ $to$ $take$ $advantage$ $of$ $it$.

    Phil in a session at the NAB 2011 April 12th, 2011 for Media devices on a connected world talked about The Next Generation: what will be the must-have devices of the future and how will content change to take advantage of these new devices. In addition, he examined the trends and technologies that are influencing the media and entertainment industries five years out.
    2011 NAB Show: Session: Media Devices in a Connected World

    Ann Finnie says: “Phil believes that we’re at a unique tipping point. What’s causing it: The number of devices people have available to them and the fact that you’re no longer reliant on a single way to access information. As cutting the cable becomes easier, we’re finding more devices that take advantage of that information in smarter, less expensive ways. Ultimately, this also enables more people to create with fewer hurdles.”

    Ann continues: Phil took the stage to talk about the future of content and devices. He showed an example of double wide 3D imagery to create an immersive experience and make people feel like they are part of an event even when they are on the opposite side of the world from where it’s actually happening. He also showed several futuristic concepts including:

    • Fossil Metawatch That you can see it turned to the right and read your calendar: Meeting at Swiss Frost,....9:30 a.m

    • Flexible Display Technology, including some that are like sticky notes that can turn any surface into a display

    • Wearable technology that lets you carry your content and information with you

    • Augmented reality using glass goggles

    • See-through LCD displays that enable augmented reality experiences

    (where webOS is on)

    See the 2 images attached herewith.

    We are entering in a new age of devices concepts that are just about to be real in a short time. The man, the team,the ideas, the concepts, the technology, and the company are of this planet. HP, you have the word. We are excited.

    Source: HP Communities - Phil McKinney: Media in a Connected World - HP Communities
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