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    i got an email from palm (hp) and they said


    We’ve made the decision to refocus some of our resources to be able to deliver webOS to multiple form factors and across other platforms. With the speed at which the mobile device market is moving today, there may be times when existing hardware cannot adequately support newer software features. This is one of those situations; we cannot offer a great webOS 2 experience on the hardware of webOS products prior to Pre 2. As long as the customer experience was at its best on that hardware, we continued to provide webOS updates. At the point the hardware could not support new features, as is the case with webOS 2, we stopped offering software updates.

    HP has a long history of commitment to its customers, and intends to ensure that its webOS products meet our strict guidelines for customer satisfaction. This is why we are working on alternative plans to help those affected and will be sharing details in the coming weeks.

    Best regards,

    Worldwide Developer Relations, webOS
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    LOL!, coming weeks...

    They said that a month or 2 ago.

    Thanks for the e-mail comminication.
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    It's well written, but strikes me as boilerplate.

    They need to do a little better than coming weeks. This is getting old. Either tell people what it is, or quit stringing us along!

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