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    Ok, here is my story, sorry for the length, but I wanted it to be accurate:

    Last Friday, Oct. 4, I received my 180. The radio/phone was not working, no Mr. Flip on the network search. Support sent me the resetradio app, and suggested to drain the battery and re-charge. Neither worked. The next say, Saturday, Handspring said they would send me a replacement, and to put my old one in the box and send it back. The guy said I would get it Monday or early Tuesday, but when he realized I was in Canada, he said it would probably take another day. That means the latest would be Wednesday.

    So Wednesday comes, no Treo. I phone them and it hasn't even shipped yet, just that it is scheduled to ship on Friday??? She says that the repair centre has accepted it and that she will try to push it through and to call back on Friday for a tracking number. I didn't like that idea so I called again on Thursday for an update and spoke to a Supervisor. She claimed that advanced replacements take 3-5 business days, so whoever told me 2-3 days was wrong. She even said that the info on the support website is wrong and needs to be changed. I ask her when it is going to come, as 5 business days puts it arriving on Friday. It being Thursday means it has to ship that day, overnight to Canada. She absolutely guarantees me that I will get it on Friday, no question about it. I even ask if she could confirm that with the repair centre, but she says she doesn't need to, and that I will get it Friday.

    Well, Friday has come and now gone, and no Treo. Latest from Handspring is that it is going to ship Saturday or Monday now.

    Has anybody experienced this before or knows why it would take over a week to ship a replacement? This is just ridiculous already. How hard is it to take a Treo, put it in a box and ship it?

    Thanks for letting me vent
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    Weird. When I replaced my treo 90, they shipped it the next day and it got here on monday (I called them thursday)
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    My first replacement came basically overnight. The second one took a MONTH! "Supposedly" they kept losing the RMA request... hrmmm....
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    They lost my order 2-3 times in the span of 2 weeks, each time telling me it would be going out via Airborne overnight the next day.

    My backlight went out after 6 months. I've spoken to 4 colleagues of mine who have had various defects, all experienced problems with the RMA service. Seems that the customer service folks blame it on the tech support group, who handle RMAs...("those guys are not very well organized...this happens all the time") ...oh well, I'm on #2, so far so good.....
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    Mine did come just about 2 weeks ago. But last week I realized that they sent me a locked one when I tried to put another SIM in it. Now I am waiting for a replacement again.
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    Have to admit I'm quite impressed with Handspring's European customer support operation. The two Advanced Replacements I've had to have on my 270 have both been turned around after about a week or so, and as they don't expect you to send the original unit back until you receive the replacement you aren't left without a phone (even if you can't see the screen on the faulty unit!)

    Now if their quality assurance was even half as good, they'd be laughing...
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    I have changed 4 Treos 180 and I think that Handspring has an superb replacement service.The first 3 came after two days and the fourt only took 3 days.
    I live in Sweden and call a number in the Netherlands

    Thums up for their customersupport!

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