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    Assuming that the recently leaked phone is the Stingray & that it has been in the works for a while now, what would have been the benefit of not announcing it 2 months ago at HP's Think Beyond event?
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    to generate some sales of the pre 2, 3, and veer.

    because every company works on future products without announcing them. That's why its a leak.

    and because its not ready.
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    it needs the keyboard from the touchpas to work. Without it they cant demo it.
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    Because it's not going to be ready in the coming months, rather the coming years.
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    It's likely a October release, not a summer one. Also, as it has been stated above, undercutting sales of already announced phones is silly.
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    because they received nothing but complaints when they announced other hardware that wasn't ready for an imminent release.
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    ...So people can focus on complaining about the stuff they did announce, and save something to complain about after the Pre3 and TouchPad are shipping.

    ... and because they may be timing it to an even or carrier schedule.

    From the looks of that photo, it's a really early prototype, with lots of gaff tape and chewing gum holding it together. Either that, or it's actually the top half of a Pre3 that someone tested for oreo resistance...
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    Lots of reasons, many that were mentioned above. The first and foremost reason to me is that this is HP aka Palm that we are referencing. That's just the way they operate. Like it or not, it's their MO.
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    Because they will ship products within weeks of being announced.
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    I think its a there next combo release with the Opal of course! And I think they learned a lesson with a Veer and Pre3 announcement to ship time.
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    im saying summer to kick the next iphones ***!
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    HP execs have hinted at planned device releases throughout 2011; I honestly believe that they took Palm's roadmap and then revised it to add more devices - the slab phone bing one of them.

    I have no doubt that HP will announce a slab phone at some point this year - it makes total sense for them to do so: they want, and need to compete with both types of users - those who like the large screen/doftware keyboard experience, and those who want/require a hardware keyboard.

    There is something to be said for the processing power/battery life needed for webOS devices - I believe (but can't factually substantiate) that because of the webOS card interface and multitasking UI, that more apps stay open and run simultaneously (becuase, its just so much easier for hte user to do so), and that drains resurces and battery life than any other conventional smartphone in the competing form factor - maybe HP has data froms tudies they have done to support that. Combine that with a higher resolution screen, and increased hardware specs (that actually perform well, and are not just eye candy), and perhaps HP sees this phone needing more superior CPU/graphics acceleration and battery technology than what was available to be incorporated into such a device up until later on this year.

    The LAST thing HP wants to do is to put out a device than can't peform at least on par with competing devices.. and, Id bet that they'd really want to perform better, actually, as that would be part of their selling strategy.

    And, one more thing about HP phones "competing with sales of other HP phones".

    No way. This is all about form factor, at this point. The Pre 2 could have sold much better if HP really pushed it - but, for some reason, they didn't - the big push is likely coming with the Veer and every device after that, and the variety offered there is mean to increase WebOS market share:

    Those feature phone users who want to upgrade to a real smartphone but dont want to sacrifice size will buy the Veer. Very few competitors outside of HP, and none inside.

    Those who want a good size capacitive screen smartphone with a keyboard will buy the Pre3. Very few outside competitors to the portrait formfactor, lots of landscape sliders.

    Those who want a slab phone will buy the WebOS slab, when it comes out. Tons of competition out there from others, but nothing inside HP. HP will have to differentiate this device from its competitors.. it has to be unique, aside from the webOS experience.

    So, I believe, sincerely, that this has nothing to do with "secrecy", and everything to do with marketting/development, in pace with the competition.

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    If that leak is true, it will represent the first HP phone. The Pre3/Veer were in precess when HP bought them. That means it's a good 6-9 months away. They won't announce it until it's much closer to ready.
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    You wouldn't want to announce something you could still potentially cancel later. All sorts of device come and go but only a few make it to the public.
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    sure hope the U.S. gets the veer or pre3
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    if hp really has the scope and resources they can release 7 different kinds of phones already. see what sells the most. then keep going. this is not a palm all-in on one kind of phone. put em all out and see what sticks.
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    Assuming there will ever be an iPhone 5, why isn't it already announced?
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    Apple already has a huge following. People who like iPhones will be there to buy the next upgrade whenever it comes. HP is trying to attract attention to it's phones and the HP/ Palm slab form facter isn't out yet. It just seemes like they should have put just as much work into producing the Stingray as they did the Pre 3 and Veer in order to attract a larger initial group of people. Think of how many Palm users have switched to the Evo or another slab in the last few months. Many people would be happy to wait, like they are waiting for the Pre 3, if it had been announced in Feb.
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    It's probably going to be their holiday release.
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    I think HP is waiting to announce this with the 7 inch tablet that is rumored to be coming in September. Earlier rumors said HP was going to be releasing 5-6 different webOS products during the year so my best guess is that HP will hold another event sometime in early to mid September and we will see the announcement of the Stingray, the Opal and a refreshed Pixi form factor that will keep with the Small, Medium and Large idea they presented in March. Thats purely my opinion though.
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