This is the official discussion of the upcoming OPAL TouchPad, which I have named Touch Canvas. Could be one or two words. So lets get this started ...

What I think HP should focus on is the TouchPad being an all around tablet, made to be the latest and greatest. Games, music, videos, you name it you can do it. But with the Touch Canvas, it will be focused on creative minds. It will have a camera in the back. Since it will be smaller (7 inch) it be easier to hold, and easier to take photo's or record video's. It will have movie editing software called Movie Magic, where you can do wild and crazy things. It will also have software called Canvas, which would be a photo editing/paint like application. It would be incredibly simple. Of course there would be Movie Magic Pro and Canvas Pro -- but you'd have to pay for it.

I'd also imagine the HP Touch Canvas will usher in TTS to developers, allowing them to use that functionality of sharing between devices in their own apps. Share music, share videos, share life. Even games. And of course, using Synergy, your work would be saved to your HP Profile and your Pre 3, HP TouchPad/Touch Canvas and WebOS enabled PC would have access to all your data. In short, taking the basic features introduced this year and expanding them to any type of app.

Of course the Canvas and Movie Magic app's would be available on the TouchPad (you'll just have to buy them). I think, however, this will do well in setting HP apart from he competition. Instead of just giving different sizes each device has it's own purpose in life and will target a certain market. Whereas Samsung GTab you can do whatever you want on each tablet. Nothing is unique or special about each size.

What do you think?