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    Since I got that device I can't leave it alone for more than 30 minutes.
    At least I have to switch it on and scroll through Launcherpages.

    What a great device.
    Thank you hp/palm.
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    Lol, I just updated my Pre+ to 2.1 and I too enjoy scrolling through the launcher pages!
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    I have yet to hear back from Palm about a Pre2 Dev device. So far, all I have is the Pre+ dev device which does nothing for me in a webOS 2.x/3.x world.
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    how do you activate without sim?
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    I shouldn't have gotten a Pre then. I've been constantly just swiping around the launcher when I'm bored ever since I got it, and no, I don't get it either (not as smooth and satisfying as in 2.1, so it's more understandable in your case).
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    I admit I have never had a phone that I play with as much as the pre. And I doubt I would with any other phone put there.

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