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    HP Calls Out Tablet Foes, Offers WebOS 3.0 SDK To Developers
    By Kevin McLaughlin, CRN, Mar. 31, 2011, 4:58 PM EST

    Nearly a year has passed since HP (NYSE:HPQ) plunked down $1.2 billion to acquire Palm, and now the company is aggressively courting WebOS developers.

    HP pounded home its WebOS message to solution providers at its Americas Partner Conference this week, and on Wednesday released its WebOS 3.0 software development kit. The WebOS 3.0 SDK is free, but HP is limiting distribution to developers in its Early Access program.

    The WebOS 3.0 SDK gives developers the wherewithal to start building mobile applications for the HP TouchPad, which is slated for launch this summer, as well as future WebOS devices, HP said in a Wednesday blog post.

    Developers can use the SDK to kick the tires on Enyo, HP's development framework for the TouchPad and "future WebOS form factors," and to get acquainted with WebOS features like Just Type, formerly called Universal Search. HP is also playing up WebOS features like Exhibition, which displays an application on a device's screen while it's charging on a TouchStone; and Synergy, which synchronizes data on a user's Web-based accounts.

    HP's pitch to developers highlights the "seamless, secure and connected experience" it's building across smartphones, tablets, PCs, printers and unspecified "other products." HP is also channeling Carl Sagan, or perhaps Dr. Evil, by characterizing the size of the WebOS opportunity in lofty terms.

    "Developing for WebOS now puts you in a position to deliver innovative apps to potentially millions of devices every year," HP said in the blog post.

    With the TouchPad, HP is entering a market where differentiation is getting tougher to establish. HP sees its channel partners as an important strategic asset, and this week at APC, Stephen DeWitt, senior vice president of HP's Americas Solution Partners Organization, chided Apple for not leveraging partner expertise.

    HP will no doubt continue to beat this particular drum, but Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group, told APC attendees this week that Apple is by no means the only tablet foe on HP's radar.

    "We’re going to fight everybody. This is not an Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) and HP scenario," Bradley said at APC.
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    I hope by fight they mean spec for spec or out spec-ing(if that's a word,lol) I also hope they mean by releasing hardware at a acceptable pace. If so then they will def hold their own.
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    It's nice that they've released the 3.0 SDK well in advance of the Touchpad's release. From what I've heard, it's not nearly as easy as signing up for developers to get developing on the Playbook, and the Xoom only has about 50 tablet apps, so if HP can shore up their developer relations and make it easy to develop for the Touchpad, they have a good chance at making #2 in the tablet space.
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    HP Unveils webOS Kit for TouchPad Tablet

    HP plans to build webOS into a “leading connectivity platform.” ....clip....

    .....this huge, growing installed base of devices provides enormous opportunity upon which to build HP-, customer- and ecosystem-driven innovation.” Specifically, HP said it has the potential to deliver 100 million webOS-enabled devices a year, adding that it will “build a robust developer community that is eager to access every segment of the market and every corner of the globe.”
    HP unveils webOS kit for TouchPad tablet - GSMA Mobile Business Briefing
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    And here is another related story:

    HP pumps up webOS with new SDK

    You can use Enyo, the new framework that supports new and future webOS form factors; leverage core webOS features like Just Type, Synergy, and Exhibition; reference new UI components, layouts and application examples; plus get helpful guidance on app structuring, design and navigation for TouchPad.

    The most important bit is that the 3.0 SDK enables developers to target the next-generation of webOS devices as well as for the HP TouchPad. The words ‘& beyond’ feature heavily.
    HP pumps up webOS with new SDKGoMo News
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