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    Quote Originally Posted by giggles View Post
    This is so true. Beats is nothing to hype about. its nice that its included in hp products. but no time soon is it a game changer
    not necessarily a game changer; but definitely a differentiator
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post that im thinking of it didnt Jon Rubinstein develop the ipod??...he should know better than anyone the importance of a quality music experience on a mobile device....
    Yes, BUT the audio quality on an iPod is about the worst of all the digital music players :-(
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    ...and nobody cares, just like nobody cared when the iPhone was unable to play continuous music.

    What makes Apple exceptional isn't that their products are the best that you can buy (they're not), but that a lot of people are looking to Apple to shape their expectations. If Apple can't do something, or doesn't do it well, it's not important. If Apple does it, or does it well, it becomes a benchmark to measure other things against.

    This is why I predict beats audio won't sell any phones or tablets at all - because people currently don't care for audio quality on mobile devices, and are still blind for innovations when they don't come from Apple (for instance, the mainstream media didn't care when the first Android phones bumped the resolution frontier in smartphones from 340x480 to 800x480 - but a made a huge fuss when Apple bumped the frontier from 800x480 to 960x640). People will probably only start to care if and when Apple includes high-quality DACs and speakers in their products. And if you remind them that HP was there first, they'll say "yes, and who wanted those phones?"
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