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    A really good article chronicling every step of Palm's history all the way to the present:

    Maximum PC | Palm: The Rise and Fall of a Legend
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    man thats a great article. im not surprised that the have a great os, yet still find ways to stumble when they are ready to make it big. i do thick some are bitter about the folio cancellation. if i remember wasnt that supposed to be like the atrix 4g, but in a more roundabout way?
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    i refuse to buy anything apple with there asinine standards, especially when theres a perfectly good standard that everybody else is using. bah.
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    Great post! Thanks for finding and sharing this... it's nice to see people posting positive items to show the good stuff Palm has an amazing history... and an exciting future within HP.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    It was a trip down memory lane of all my Palm (and Clie) products...

    Remember paying $500 for a phone on contract?
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    Great read! And the Folio was suppose to be a laptop/netbook that worked with your Treo. It's more like how the BlackBerry PlayBook works with your BlackBerry phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    It was a trip down memory lane of all my Palm (and Clie) products...

    Remember paying $500 for a phone on contract?
    I bought a Clie, paid almost that for it, and it was just a PDA (and camera) - no phone.
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    Thanks for sharing a great article!!!
    I started with the IIIe... and had several including a couple Treos.. In fact, still using my Treo 680... revived it from a broken screen incident a few months ago.. but love it, including its integration with my Lotus Notes client... So... will probably keep it until it ultimately dies.. (My kids have been pushing me to evolve... will see how long that goes.. :-) )
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    I remember fiddling with a palm device years ago....i was impressed then
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    Nothing beat my palm pilot for quick on. I remember racing a newton user and laughing at their boot time.

    still use my garmin ique gps, it's palmOs based.
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    After buying the touchpad I am more than pleased what a mint device ,...hear this HP .every friend that's seen my touchpad has said they want one ! That's every friend !..lets just hope HP are hearing this..
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    I still have the Tungsten T3 and nonfunctioning handspring visor. I agree that the T3 was probably palm's best device. Great form factor and the build quality is incredible, slider works as well now as the day I bought it. In fact I'll probably start using it again for epocrates access until I decide on another smart phone platform.
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    Amazing Article.

    Now I understand why the bidders were interested in Palm.. I am not surprised. Look at Touchstone. such technology is not even available with apple & the others.

    Best part of webOS is it's interface is still simple yet powerful.

    Oh About the Rebirth That's gonna happen with all the bells & whistles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Palm has an amazing history... and an exciting future within HP.

    I had high hopes for the Palm WebOS when everyone heard the news of the HP acquisition. Well, we all wished that could have been true specially with HP leadership and deep-pockets. But in the end, it all turned our to be a nightmare with HP running the efforts of WebOS into the garbage. Let's hope that WebOS finally goes into being an open source platform, we could see better days for the forgotten Palm OS.
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    good read, too bad it wasn't updated
    I remember waiting for a wi-fi palmos based treo back then (I was in elementary school I think)
    then one day, my dad came in and mentioned a Palm iPhone thing, where I went to, and BEHOLD. there was pre.
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    Thanks for the memories... as sad as they make me (how pathetic am I)...

    I had a 3Com Palm III, Clie and T3 with Wifi SD Card and power battery pack. Gave away both of my Treo 650s. My Treo 680 still works: I still have passwords stored in eWallet...
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