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    Is there a "simple" way to convert .wav files to ringtones?
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    Originally posted by arkitekt
    Is there a "simple" way to convert .wav files to ringtones?
    No. I'm not aware of any way, actually. MIDIs you can do. .wavs I doubt it.
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    ok ... how are midi's converted to ringtones?
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    It's easy:

    1) get a ringtone manager that lets you copy songs between the alarm and ringtone database. I prefer HoHo, but others like Ringo or MonkeyRinger (or whatever it's called) or others. The main thing is that it needs to be able to copy from alarm to ringtone for this method.

    2) get Simply Install (used to be called Pilot Install) from PalmGear or wherever.

    3) get the MIDI files you want to change to ringtones. Keep in mind that it should have a strong lead melody because everything else will be stripped out (everything but channel 1, I believe). For the best results, you can even get a midi editor and modify the midi files yourself, or beg soem midi genius to do it for you.

    4) run Simply Install, then literally drag and drop the .mid files on your PC into the Simply Install window.

    5) HotSync with Simply Install. Simply Install will strip the crap off the midi files and insert the remaining tune into your System_MIDI_Sounds.pdb (the alarms database) on your device.

    6) Then use the alarm/ringtone manager to copy over the new tunes from the alarm database to the ringtone database.

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