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    Phone button - Phone
    Caledar button - Agendus (action names)
    Web - Blazer
    Email - Treomail/Basejet (depending on the mood)
    Option Phone - Wassup
    Option Calendar - Memo Plus
    Option Web - Applications
    Option Email - SMS
    Flip open - Last application (set to none in prefs)
    Jog push - Wassup
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    Phone Button - Phone
    Calendar Button - Wassup
    Web - Blazer
    Email SnapperMail
    Option Phone Cell Plan Tracker
    Option Calendar Agendus
    Option Web Xiino
    Option Email SMS
    Flip Open (none)
    Jog Push - Big Clock
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    (Treo 108g with Teallaunch hack to add 'hold button' launch...)

    Phone button - Eudora
    Phone button hold - SMS

    Calendar button - Memo pad
    Calendar button hold - AvantGo

    Web button - Big Clock
    Web button hold - Datebook

    Email button - Phone
    (can't use hold function as it interfers with phone screen cycling. Also find that having the phone button on the right makes for much easier one-handed operation)

    Jog push - (only when off) Matreo 1.2 (clock and phone status application), second push then calls up Phone, for flip-closed, headset use.

    Flip open - Launcher III (my default launcher), one tap on the 'home' icon then returns me to the last app I was using. The default function of the flip going to Phone really irritated me.
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    Phone Button = Phone
    Option + Phone = Contacts Pro/ some other dialing program
    Shift + Phone = B'Alerted

    Calender button = Datebook 5
    Option + Calender = To Do list
    Shift + Calander = Calculator

    Web button = MegaLauncher
    Option + Web = Blazer
    Shift + Web = Avantgo

    SMS button = SMS
    Option + SMS = Snapper Mail
    Shift + SMS = MemoPad

    Jog Push = CityTime
    Flip Lid = no application

    But I also use Switcheroo to setup other often use programs (option + spacebar and then a letter)

    TreoButton is great for adding in those extra Shift + combinations.
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    Phone Button
    • Phone
    • Contacts -- Option+Phone
    • CSpotRun -- Shift+Phone

    Datebook Button
    • Datebk5
    • Launcher III -- Hold Datebook button
    • TopSecret -- Hold Datebook button for a longer time
    • DiddleBug -- Option+Datebook
    • BibleReader -- Shift+Datebook

    Web Button
    • Blazer
    • AvantGo -- Hold Web button
    • HandyShopper -- Hold Web button for a longer time
    • Yanoff -- Option+Web
    • One-Touch -- Shift+Web
    SMS Button
    • Memo
    • SMS -- Hold SMS button
    • Context DA -- Hold SMS button for a longer time
    • PowerOne Calculator -- Option+SMS

    Open Lid -- no action
    Jog Push -- Matreo
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    it seems like almost everyone has set their open command to nothing. lots of die hard palm users that want to turn their palm on to their last app as opposed to their phone.
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    You can't really program the rocker button as it is too useful with existing programs.

    However, you CAN program the on/off button while still retaining the "reduce backlight and switch on keyboard lights" function. With EasyLauncher (free!) you can program to hold the on/off button and long hold the on/off button to perform actions.

    This give you an important extra button that can be accessed with a finger not normally in use.

    I use the on/off button as :

    Hold short time: Paste from normal clip board
    Hold long time: Paste from a multi-clip board

    Makes editing so easy especially with the Drag&Drop program.

    Only one issue - you can't switch off the Treo until you disable the EasyLaunch hack first! I figured that I don't switch off the Treo as often as I paste text so it's ok.

    Furthermore, many people seem to use the Option and Shift buttons to access more functionality from the 4 standard buttons. If you use Easylaunch, you can access 3 programs from each button by the button itself, holding the button and holding longer the button. This is faster than pressing 2 buttons. There is a feedback click when the hold and hold longer program is activated so you know where you are.

    Just a thought on efficiency...
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    Noticing that DarthRepublican uses Easylaunch I've tried it out and have now dumped Teallaunch. Easylaunch does the same stuff only better and the setup interface is much more intuitive. Also I *have* now been able to put an app as 'button hold' on the same button as Phonebook (I chose SIM book).

    So thanks DarthRepublican for mentioning it!
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    Are you guys using the standard easylaunch or the sony jog version?

    (for Treo 300)

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    Actually I believe that both versions don't work fully with the Treo ie. the jog dial does not map properly. However all other mapping functions work fine.

    Also there is some incompatibility with NewPen. To increase stability of Treos using both NewPen and EasyLaunch, try Enabling NewPen first before the EasyLaunch hack. Not fully stable but better this order than the reverse.

    The developer says he doesn't have access to a Treo and not time to work on it. Maybe if some of you email him to request....
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    I would like to reconfigure my buttons a little. How can I do that?
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    Phone - Phone App
    Option Phone - nothing

    datebook - datebook+
    op. datebook - to do list

    Web Button - Applications
    op. web button - Blazer

    Mail - sms
    op. mail - treo mail
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    I than k you for the reply however I have no idea whatsoever it means. can yo make it slightly more basic for me Thanks.
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    Originally posted by jfscars48
    I than k you for the reply however I have no idea whatsoever it means. can yo make it slightly more basic for me Thanks.
    I think TheDudeG4 was posting how his buttons are configured, not an explanation.

    Look further up the topic--try apps like TreoButton. Do a search of the boards for "TreoButton" to find out where to download it.
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    You can also go right to the Handspring site, do a search for "Buttons-T" and download that program.

    EasyLaunch sounds great, but I'd forget how I programmed my buttons after a bit.

    For now:

    Phone Button - Phone
    Calendar Button - Calendar
    Web - Expense
    Email Applications
    Option Phone AOL Instant Messenger
    Option Calendar AvantGo
    Option Web Blazer
    Option Email Basejet
    Flip Open (none)
    Jog Push - Vindigo

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