View Poll Results: Max growth of WebOS would have been with:

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  • Apple

    2 2.56%
  • Google

    2 2.56%
  • Samsung

    10 12.82%
  • H/P

    25 32.05%
  • HTC

    17 21.79%
  • Motorola

    3 3.85%
  • Blacberry

    10 12.82%
  • I love clicking on polls

    9 11.54%
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    I seriously like H/P, but just want them to kick Samsung in comparing hardware specks. I am not saying come out with a new hardware every 3-4 months like Samsung, but when you come out with a hardware, once a year, make sure its better than Samsungs latest model in Specs.
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    Just a bump in wake of recent news
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    Of course I wish I could rephrase the thread and say who do you think H/P should license webOS to.
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    Before the acquisition, I said RIM. But seeing how things played out, I think HP was the right suitor. We'll see how it plays out in the next few years... if HP succeeds big, then it was the right decision for them. If not, it was one of the worst buys... that's how things work right?

    Looking back now, I'm glad RIM didn't buy Palm. As many others have said, they would've dissected and butchered webOS and with webOS, their arrogant pride that's led to their current downfall wouldn't have changed. They would've felt more invincible and continued to have take their existing customers for granted while spitting out uninspired handsets. Plus RIM is only a handset company afterall; they don't have the breadth, network, and the muscle of HP. I think webOS was able to remain as webOS precisely because HP wasn't already a handset company that would've picked apart webOS instead of adopting webOS in totality as they have done. That was the big saving grace for Palm being acquired under HP.
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    Should license to anyone interested. I forgot all speculations from then, but I remember one company was interested in licensing.
    If anyone is interested they should license WebOS now.
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    looks like Samsung would have been a good choice to start with, though killing by H/P is what's pushing WebOS to the status of second most used tablet.
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