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    Here's a nice article out of Forbes that may help counter some of the anxieties people have been feeling.

    WebOS: Will It Make Hewlett-Packard A Winner In High Mobility?

    One nice point in the article is Roger Kay pointing out the following:
    Another secret weapon in HP’s arsenal is Richard Kerris, who joined HP just a couple of months ago. Kerris — formerly of Apple (where he set up developer networks during Apple’s rise to prominence) and George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic (where he was CTO) — was brought in to get the developers on board. Describing the atmosphere at HP’s Palm division, he said it “feels like Apple around 1999,” with all the excitement of knowing you have a great product and a shot at a big win in the marketplace. Kerris described how as soon as he took the job, developers he has known since Apple days jammed his inbox, looking to get involved. “They are really looking for an alternative,” he said.
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    Before the coming out party for Hewlett-Packard’s (HP’s) new CEO, Léo Apotheker, last week in San Francisco, I would have put my money on Microsoft to make number-three vendor in the high mobility space. Now, it seems clear that HP — with its webOS — is the more likely winner.
    He's pretty confident that webOS will be the third mobile OS, beating out Microsoft and RIM. I hope he's right.
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    good to hear. Thanks op.

    lets hope this thread doesn't get hit and closed with a bunch of negative naysayers.

    I wish I knew programming. I have a few good ideas.
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    I liked reading this article, thanks to the OP for posting this!!!
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    if this man moved over its because he plans to make webos number one in the market. getting to number 3 is just an intermidiate goal =)
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    Thanks for sharing this OP. Very interesting article. Hopefully HP will pull through...

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    WebOS has the best chance of survival with HP behind it, but the writer is a consultant for HP......unfortunately, we agree with him, but there may be a little bias.
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    Note: This thread is meant to bring a positive light on the HP and webOS for the members. Any posts meant to do otherwise will be deleted.

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