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    Quote Originally Posted by draztikrhymez View Post
    Starting to get used to no news
    After everything that has been dissed out before, I wouldn't even expect a blip coming from anything sprint right now other then android or 4g.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    Yet other manufacturers mentioned summer or late spring release dates, and had something to show for it. We simply don't have much of anything from HP. Even with a mid year release, other companies are doing better. At least with their more concrete dates and/or carrier availability.

    The Pre 3 is coming. Where? The TouchPad is coming. Who will handle the 3G versions? Also where will we be able to buy the wifi versions? Was a store even mentioned?

    Why does HP continue the vagueness of Palm? It does not make me personally want their products more, but just draws me to what I know will be available. Waiting for some vague product with a vague release date isn't appealing to me. I'm just speaking for myself though.
    This silent treatment from HP is a bit worrisome and just plain bad marketing. They could at least follow the lead of others (like Apple) with their "rumors" and "leaks" which you just know are coming from their marketing folks. HP is either failing to keep the buzz going or sadly have nothing to buzz about.
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    The biggest cell phone convention and not a single mention of a Palm device.

    I am an original Pre owner but I am afraid it is time to jump off this sinking ship.

    I was holding out until CTIA to see if Sprint had any anouncements on the Pre but this point it is too late and I will not be getting a Pre 3.

    I have been patient with the very limited app store and even the 3rd party development but why should 3rd party developers develop for a system that is not being backed it seems by anyone.

    I truly hope I am wrong and you new Pre 3 owners get what we have been waiting for since 2009...but I have officially decicded to move to an EVO or maybe the recently announced EVO 3D.
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    I really don't want to leave sprint, my contract and 10 years will be up in June. They are offering me 50.00 to renew for 2 years now, but I'm going to hold off and will reevaluate my options come June should sprint not get the Pre 3.
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    <Moved From Pre3 to HP News>
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    Very annoyed by Pre 3 and Sprint. I'm about ready to give up and go with the Evo. I loved my palm pre for a while, but I'm ready for something new...
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    I can't believe HP was completely absent from CTIA. They must really be a ways off from having anything worthwhile to announce.
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    I honestly think that HP is having a hard time getting any carrier in the US to carry the Pre series and TouchPad. The demand for it is not very high and Android is the thing now. Android sells so the carriers sell what people want... the only people who really cares about the Pre, are us early adopters who enjoys the way WebOS works. But at this rate, a good majority of us will be moving to another platform for the interim.
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