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    On another forum site I frequent, someone posted this and I was wondering how this may delay some of the new HP products slated for summer release:

    I work for one of the large Japanese electronics companies (due to some confidentiality reasons, I would rather not say which one). Since the earthquake/tsunami hit, the risk team in Japan has been trying to ascertain just how bad the supply chain was hit, and it is not a pretty picture. One response that struck me yesterday: "Factory closed. Cannot locate 100 persons out of 160. Crane vehicle crashed into first floor. No gas. No electricity. Unknown if/when we can restart".

    As for the automotive world, minimum Japan production that will be lost is 275,000 vehicles plus. If you are looking for a Prius, a Fit, Yaris, etc, get it now.

    As for electronics, memory chips (especially NAND) will also take a big hit. I'm upgrading my iphone this weekend. It may be awhile before I can do it again. Hint Hint...

    All of the big companies are looking at alternate factories to purchase components, but anything that involves tooling/molds will take months to sort out.

    Keep the J-folks in your thoughts. They really are having it bad over there. They are doing the best they can to get things going again, but I suspect it will be years before things get close to normal again.
    Obviously, our not getting new electronic toys pales in comparison to the months and years they'll need to rebuild and the agony of loss seen over in Japan, but it's worth looking at how this all affects the economy on a global scale.
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    This maybe true, it may not be.

    I say we wait, and not make this about our gadgets.

    I see you acknowledge that, so thanks.

    But I just don't see how we can allow Japan's tragedy to be a springboard to build on this rumor right now.

    Here was where the subject had been brought up before, and decided to let it rest for now:
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    HP, like many other manufacturers has historically used Qualcomm parts. It appears that Qualcomm's production will not be impacted by the earthquake:

    Qualcomm Rises On Insulation From Japan‎ - Forbes
    "Qualcomm shares are rising today after the company said that based on a review of its extended semiconductor supply chain, it does not foresee an impact in its ability to supply products to its customers due to the events in Japan...."

    Also see:
    Intel, Qualcomm Say Japan Disaster Won't Hurt Chip Production-eWeek
    Japan uncertainty presents Qualcomm opportunity - Financial Post

    Bloomberg goes beyond and makes statement about others:
    Intel, Qualcomm Say Earthquake in Japan Won't Slow Chip Output- Bloomberg

    At this time we do not know of any impact the earthquake has had on the release of the TouchPad, Veer, or Pre 3.

    Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. They should be of greater concern than parts for our phones and computers.
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