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    I have recently got the Treo 180 and have been a past user of PalmIV ( remember that guys? ) for over 4 years now. Everything has gone well and the thing works as intended, expect for one situation.

    Ever since I got it, my Things to do list has synced, but the characters show up as neat little square boxes. The notes attached to the task list read fine though. All chracters such as priority, category etc show up as little quare boxes. I have done a hard reset, uninstalled and reinstalled the Palm software and synced again, but to no avail. A thorough reading of the user document as well as the HS site does not address this problem.

    I use Outlook as the default PIM on my desktop.

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.
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    Many thanks for the quick response. It was a font allocation issue and now everything is fine. A few stylus clicks and I am a happy man.
    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.

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