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    Ok, so I guess I have nothing to complain about now that I have GPRS up and running before it's even supported (Thanks Handspring and T-Mobile!) But there's still one thing that bugs me about my move from Visor Platinum to Treo: I have to phuque w/ the damn touchscreen when I beam a business card.

    It was so easy before. Just hold down the phone button and
    VOOM! off it went! Handspring really needs to fix this! Anyone in favor of a E-mail campaign to get Donna Dubinsky to at least explore doing this? In a way, I'm shocked that they diddn't include it in the GPRS 1.1 update.

    Whaddya say?
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    Holding down the phone key (for 2-3 seconds) on my Treo 90 works just fine. I'm using OS 4.1H

    maybe they disabled it in later versions of the OS?
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    Treo 90s don't have a phone, so the old trick of holding down the Address Book button still applies. For Treo 180/270/300, holding down the Phone button gets us a redial. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $appears$ $to$ $be$ $no$ $current$ $substitute$ $for$ $the$ $old$ $Business$ $Card$ $one$-$touch$.
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    I'm using Action Names (hey, it was a freebie, ok? ;-) and with it assigned to the date book button I can hold down the date book button and it will prepare and send my business card. I'm not sure if I had to do anything special to it to make it work other than making sure EasyLaunch wasn't assigned to that button at all.

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