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    Every time I receive an SMS I get a message ask me to confirm if I want to read it from SIM or not !!!???

    Which is very strange... What else can I do?
    This is the only way to read it !!!!!!

    So, there is no need for this stupid question... OR they can add it to the preferences, so you can select the way you want to manage your SMS...

    Another point here, What if you click on "NO" by mistake.
    HOW can you change your mind and read it ????
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    I read somewhere that the Treo first stores all incoming SMS on the SIM card and then *moves* the SMS from the SIM card into the Treo SMS application.

    This behaviour provides you with the opportunity to have more than 10 SMS on your Treo (a SIM card can only store up to 10 SMS).

    The behaviour you describe is the one which takes place when you insert a SIM card into the Treo which has some SMS stored on it.

    I would check wether your SIM card is correctly placed into its tray, it "seems" as if the connection from the Treo to the SIM card gets lost...


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    I'm not keeping my treo always ON.. So when I switch it Off then ON after sometime, I get this mesage asking this...

    And I remmember one time I click NO by mistake, then I cuold not read that SMS again, and I do not know what happen to the SMS in the SIM !!!???
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    I get this message too. It is kind of a pain, perhaps it will be fixed in the next version of the GPRS update.
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    I get this message only if the sms came in when the Treo is switched off. Once the wireless mode is switched on, then there is a message asking if you want to move the sms from the SIM card. But you won't get this message if the Treo is on all the time.

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