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    InformationWeek - HP Poised To Capitalize On Apple, Amazon Lessons

    Talks about how they think HP can win when compared to Apple and Amazon and succeed simply being 2nd.
    Apple is one of the first manufacturing companies to become a successful cloud company. Before I try to explain that, let me make a second, more preposterous assertion: HP is lining up to be the second.
    Interesting observations and a few things I did not think about and know about Amazon online services. Check it out and let me know what you think, Sorli...
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    I think he's right. HP doesn't need to take down Apple, if they were 2nd in the consumer marketplace that would be great. Being 1st or 2nd in the enterprise market would be better, and is probably more feasible for HP, and I think that is the route they will go.
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    Enterprise market is certainly the way they are heading, but it is interesting knowing how much HP's tech plays a roll in the Home or SOHO markets. Personally, I see HP's computer tech being designed and sold specifically to home users and larger institutions like hospitals and colleges/universities (like in Gainesville FL who buy only Dell computers for their institutions).

    Maybe this is changing and HP is making more headway in these directions, but I also agree that 1st or 2nd in the enterprise market would be perfect. Sorli...
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