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    Why can a standalone phone do this, but any of the treos get tapped out of cpu power way too quickly to do this :

    or even better, even though a doom clone works on palm, why dont we have even better than a lousy standalone phone then?
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    Because the 7650 ISN'T just a standalone phone. It's the guts of a Communicator 9210 in a smaller form-factor without the keyboard.

    I had a 9210 before my Treo and it was a great unit as an organiser -- one of the most powerful handheld devices you've ever seen in terms of sheer processing grunt (eg. running Doom) and an absolutely exquisite high-res screen. Symbian-based OS, which to someone who had Psion PDAs was also a plus.

    Speaking as someone who sold it to buy his Treo, the question you doubtlessly ask me is "why get rid of it"? Basically it was like having a brick in your pocket. Lovely powerful machine, great software but absolutely no finesse in the physical design at all.

    Not seen the 7650 but for my uses without a keyboard you can forget it.

    In an ideal world someone would rip off the Treo form-factor and physical attributes and come up with a smartphone as good as the 9210 and as small as the Treo...

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