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    Nothing! Has anyone heard anything lately?

    It's been long enough, and I think Pre 2's are already being given away with contract... honestly at this point I am seriously thinking about an iPhone for the first time in my life... since the iPhone 5 is probably only a few months away.

    I've basically come to the conclusion that great hardware with apps that lack polish are not for me. Even the Thunderbolt looks great, but I somehow think the hardware is ahead of the software...

    Since HP has done nothing to hold my attention as a Pre Plus owner, I'm pretty much anticipating the next exciting things Apple has to announce.
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    Have fun.

    Pretty sure the next "exciting" things from Apple are going to be an internal antenna and an A5 variant. Maybe they'll finally give iOS notifications a refit or add that capacitive Home button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e-steve View Post
    Nothing! Has anyone heard anything lately?.....
    Everyone always thinks they know...
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    <thread moved>
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    Everyone always thinks they know...
    Well I heard from [enter job tital here] at my [enter cell phone company] that they are going to [enter what person told you].
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    *fingers still crossed for a free touchstone 2 w/Pre 3 purchase*
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    free touchstone is what I got for my Pre purchase.
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    Just call me Berd.

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