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    Why is this now HP Palm News? Where is Cross-Platform Forum? I am confused!
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    Staff discussed and saw a need for a change of purpose in this area of our forums.
    Share non-HP Palm device news and facts to compare competing devices. Warning: This is not a place to debate or argue!
    ^ From here:

    We were hoping the direction could be more informative in discussion, rather than the endless circle debates it has often been in the past.

    By the way; Staff would really like to thank everyone for keeping everything constructive and informative in the forums.

    P|C Staff


    A couple thoughts regarding the questions we received regarding this:

    There's a subtle difference between a 'debate' and a 'discussion'.
    A discussion remains civil (no one wins or looses), a debate tries to win!
    That's it, a debate is to argue until one comes off to appear as the winner.
    However; a discussion allows for different views with no one feeling they have to "win."
    When it becomes about winning, the discussion changes tone.
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    I'm confused - if people aren't allow to debate - what exactly are they suppose to do?

    I don't understand how you have a talk forum where there is no debate allow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    I'm confused - if people aren't allow to debate - what exactly are they suppose to do?

    I don't understand how you have a talk forum where there is no debate allow.
    I agree. I thought the hope was always a clean, non personal, non attack like forum. A place where we can debate various opinions and thoughts in a productive way.

    If we are at a state that people can't have civil discussions we have bigger problems.
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    CGK - we understand the confusion... we spent a lot of time listening to our members and are making a few changes as a result.

    If members wish to discuss (not debate) platforms, you will be able to use the "Other Handhelds" forum.

    There will be a lot of HP news coming in the future and changes in the forums are a natural progression. This particular forum will be for the posting and discussion of HP and Palm related news and not a debate center. The "Other Handhelds" forum will allow for discussions between platforms.

    We really appreciate everyone's participation in the forums and for the constructive discussions.

    Thank you!
    P|C Staff
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    Just so I can better understand...

    So there's no location on P|C now where one can look at the benefits/negatives of say iOS compared to WebOS or the Xoom to the Touchpad and have a discussion/debate between people about this? We can say that we like iOS speed is nice and we can say WebOS's multitasking is great, but we can't state that we prefer WebOS's multitasking to iOS's because of reasons x, y, z or suggest that the Pre3 would be a better social media phone than the Droid3 because a portrait keyboard is better for texting and facebook updates and it has synergy?

    Comparing and contrasting, stating what you think is better or worse than what someone else is doign, is debating. Are we basically saying that there is no place for that on P|C now? If yes, that's fine...but it'd be nice to be clear. Will that also apply across the board? IE will it be fine for someone to post saying how much better Touch to Share is than NFC but if someone counters saying they'd prefer NFC they'll get shot down because they're "debating" by contrasting/comparing a non-Palm service where as the first person is okay because he's comparing/contrasing and "Debating" in favor of a palm service?
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    What we are saying is that we have heard from a number of our members who are tired of the confrontational arguments. Discussions are fine; comparisons are fine (in the proper forum). Heated arguments are not fine.

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