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    Nah, it was upside down. The angle it presents the Pre is going to be the same, rightside up or updside down. However, the wires are at the base of the TS, not the top. Look again, in the photo, the wires are at the top.
    Yep. That's the only way you can lift the phone of the TS without it being mounted otherwise you'll pickup the whole shebang. And I'm sure HP didn't want to have to restore\replace parts of a Grand Piano (even though they can afford to)

    P.S. Looks like a Steinway Grand goes for about $147K

    Hamburg Steinway Model D-274 Ebony Polish Concert Grand Piano | Pro Piano

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    Well now... That's just annoying. I thought something looked funny, and now I know why. :/

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    If that pianist was using an Android or iPhone, he could have just sung to the devices and not had to type in his information to search/launch.
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