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    I had to spend a month without computer, only with Treo 270.
    So the question is - in case I have hard reset, I want to be able at least to have russian localization program installed - I have GPRS upgrade so I can easily surf the web, but only english sites - it's not for me
    Tried to put this program to flash, but JackFlash 2.6b1 said that there is no free space on my flash, and actually showed N/A in flash field...
    So the question is - maybe I did something wrong and there's still possibility to store a little program in flash OR:
    Maybe I can put a program on the internet site, and with Blazer download and install it? I don't know if it's possible, do you know something about it?
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    Read a bit more, used JackSprat + JackFlash + JackSafe = voila! Everything works!
    I must say, that now even if I got hard reset without a computer nearby, I still can use this device in (almost) all its power.
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    There is still a question - maybe I can put all other files on the web and only a small program in flash, that can install all of them from the web?
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    I thought that Backup Buddy allowed you to do that. Anybody had any experience with this feature of Backup Buddy? This is from the manual:
    BackupBuddy Palm Client
    The BackupBuddy Palm Client (version 4.1 or better) is an exciting feature that allows you to backup and restore critical files on your organizer on the road via a modem, be it wired or wireless. Please note that a Palm VII “modem” will not work for these purposes. With version 1.3 or better, the BackupBuddy Palm Client also supports color and uses even less of your organizer’s precious memory. Note regarding Platinum Certification Testing: the BackupBuddy Palm client has not undergone Platinum Certification testing. If you’d like a purely Palm Platinum solution, do not use the Palm client

    Regular v. Flash Palm Client
    The BackupBuddy Palm Client comes in two “flavors”: a regular Palm application and a version that can install itself into “flash” memory (the “flash version”). The advantage of using the flash version is as follows: should your organizer suffer catastrophic failure while away from your desktop computer, the contents of your flash memory would most likely be intact and you’d be able to use the copy of BackupBuddy in flash memory to restore your organizer’s files via a modem. The flash version of the BackupBuddy Palm Client is fully compatible with TRG’s
    FlashPro. In addition, it can be safely installed in the remaining flash memory on an OmniSky-enabled Palm V.
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    I actually saw that I can perform HotSync through GPRS (network sync), so I don't need any BackupBuddy - HotSync restores my Treo almost fully without help of any third-party program.

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