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    This keeps popping up on my phone notifications. It's annoying, and pointless as my email ISN'T locked, as I get emails all day long.

    I have to enter my email address, password and non-sensical-wavy-lined-string-of-characters-that-isn't-actually-a-word in order to get rid of said notification.

    Anyone know why it keeps telling me it's locked? (when I open email, it opens as normal, no password required, therefore....clearly it isn't locked).
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    Try changing your google password to something a little more difficult. I used to have that problem and this fixed it for me.
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    Gmail has been dropping offline sporadically for the last couple of hours. It stopped about 30 minutes ago.

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    Check your other settings. Ensure that it's not really Messaging or Calendar that's trying to log in. Chances are, that's where the problem lies.

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