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    As I'm awaiting the replacement for my Treo with a dead backlight, I'm reading the forum here and am amazed at how many people have had failures. I wonder if we could do a survey to see how many people here have had problems with any Treo.

    Kicking it off:

    My first Treo had the loose stylus issue.
    My replacement Treo worked for a little over a week and died with a dead backlight.
    My third treo arrived the day after I reported the failure on the second one, and is operational out of the box. Not sure, but the screen seems whiter than I recall.
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    180 backlight died after 4 months.
    Now on unit no. 2.
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    Treo 180 #1: 3 days, dead radio.
    Treo 180 #2: about 3 months or so, going strong... *woodknock*

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    Treo #1: Dead Radio
    Treo #2: Non-Responsive buttons
    Treo #3: No sound (ringer) - right out of the box!

    The bright side?: $10 off coupon on my next purchase.

    My new treo has arrived today, I hope it's ok!
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    Treo #1: Perfect.
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    Treo 270 #1: Screen went out after 1 week
    Treo 270 #2: Lid didn't spring open firmly (would flop a little when you held the treo)
    Treo 270 #3: Great

    Remember that you're more likely to hear about the failures than the successes. That's the nature of a board... Just something to keep in mind.

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    Have had my Treo-270 since June of this year. No problems so far. Love it!
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    No problems. The major changes are the ones that I have done myself.

    Update 1.0 - great but hated the Proxy Server issue

    Update 1.1 - much better but started having problems hearing the first 5 seconds of incoming call conversation. The GPRS works like a charm though.

    Eudora Mail - great but hate that caps lock issue.
    Snapper Mail - Outstanding.

    Only Hacks - Glow Hack to turn the light on automatically at night.

    Now I want a 270... with Bluetooth and backup.
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    270 worked fine since 1 July. Even the GPRS upgrade went OK.
    Touch wood, naturally.
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    Had the SMS & Echo problems, Got resolved by the GPRS patch.

    Handspring Rocks !

    I love my Treo!!!
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    No problems at all with my 270.
    (You'll get more responses from those with problems.)
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Treo 180 - radio dead when I got it. Awaiting replacement.......
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    #1 - 4 months then dead speaker
    #2 - 2 days then dead speaker
    #3 - Here's hoping

    BTW it still echos like hell (or so I've been told by folks on the other end) is there anything I can do to fix it?
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    im on my 3rd 180, the first 2 both had speakerphones that gave out after a few months.

    dannoz: the 1.1 update fixed my echo, and added GPRS
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    I've had one 180 and one 270, no problems with either unit.
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    sigh... as much as I love HS and the Treo....

    April - bought Treo 180

    May - phone speaker stopped working, paid $25 to get replacement sent

    June - returned Treo again because phone kept freezing and requiring soft resets when I hung up

    October - getting ready to return it for the third time - too often it drops network coverage when I know there is coverage, and mysteriously, a black line has appeared vertically up the screen....

    I love the damned thing, but how many replacements do I have to get before I get one that won't fail me?!?
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    I considered myself lucky--my wife and I got our Treo 180s in April, and they have been trouble free until 2 weeks ago, when my speaker died. I got a no-charge Advance Replacement under warranty. Yesterday, my wife's Treo speaker went out. This time I had a pitched battle requiring several phone calls to Customer Service and Tech Support to get the $25 fee refunded on the Advance Ship. I told them that this was not some isolated incident but was a serious and recognized engineering/design flaw, and that they could take a visit to Treocentral and see what was posted there next to the Handspring ads. These units are not abused. We are not big phone users, and don't over-stress the flip cover/speaker. This does not bode well.
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    mine just died today will the screen went dark it is a treo 90. no problem having staples replace it. I had jsut bought a memory card so I was able to install backup buddy and back it up. take it back and restore it while at work.
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    Treo 270
    #1 SIM-door defect out of box
    #2 Screen died after 3 weeks
    #3 Screen died after 4 weeks
    #4 Still goeing strong (but it is 1 week "old"
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    No. 1: Speaker died
    No. 2: Yesterday my treo crashed, after restart it cannot logon to mobile network. Hard reset didn't help either.
    Does any know how to fix this?
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