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    First Treo going on three months. No problems yet.
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    Oh come on. You know how many devices have wires going through hinges?

    All flip phones.
    Car doors.
    LCD screens on camcorders/digicams.

    What you're saying is equivalent to saying "All Treo 180s will fail because they use rechargable batteries which will die eventually." It may be true but the time frame is so long it's meaningless.
    But most of them used ribbon type cable, even on cheap stuffs.

    Doesn't that tell you anything?
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    The speaker defect finally happened to my Treo 180 that had behaved so well from the time I got it within the first week or so of its release. I knew it was coming but I kept hoping that it wouldn't happen to me. I'm very thankful that it happened within the 1-yr warranty period. I know that some of you out there were not so lucky. I figure that by the time the speaker dies on my repaired device, I'll be itching to get the newest member of the Treo family.
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    all 180 treo's will end up with broken audio cables. i was told that by someone from handspring itself. the 180 series just has this fault and recently i heard that the 180 series and also the 90 are out of production. so bye bye pure graffiti :-(((((
    i prefer a dead speakerphone 180"G" to a keyboarded newer version.
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    Treo 180 #1 - Had since June -- Speaker quit in Jan waiting on replacement - otherwise like the unit...
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