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    Treo 90 for about 2.5 months.
    Perfect out of the box, no problems at all. I think it was a "First Run" of the new Treo '90's without the stylus issue and the backlight issue.
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    <<Is this what people are talking about when they say their speakers died?>>

    welcome to the world of dead speakerphones. if your speakerphone dies, your treo is genuine. if you get it replaced or repaired, be sure to face the same problem again within the next half year or so. i opened up the treo and plucked out these wires and have gotten used to using the headset. after having looked at the cable connections into the lid, i am not surprised about them all snapping through at some time or the other. very, very flimsily done just to save a couple of cents production-cost on such expensive a device. i love my deaf treo.
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    Bought Treo 180 in April. Worked perfectly until September, when the speaker began to get weak. Finally, no sound.
    Paid $25 to have it replaced (why should I have to pay?)
    Second Treo works OK after a little over a month, but speaker is starting to get weak, intermittently. Sometimes I can hear calls clearly, other times I can barely make out what is being said.
    The Investors Business Daily says they only sold 250,000 rather than 1 million as they had hoped. I wonder how many of the 250,000 are bad?
    Treo user, 67+
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    I am on my 5th treo 270 return since 6/4/02. I will hopefully be recieving my 6th treo this week. Let's see how long it holds up. Handspring, if you a reading these posts, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Abarrios, you have more patience than I.

    If my Treo #3 dies, I shall be asking for my money back. As it is I don't trust it as far as I can throw it and I'm just waiting for the screen to die again.
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    I have been a loyal HS customer/user since 11/99 with my first purchase of a visor deluxe, and have purchased since then for my self and others 5 other HS pda and access. including a Visor phone. I truely love my 270, but this last episode has left me besideds myself. I wish the Kyocera 7135 supported GSM....
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    Treo #1 - 180, lasted for several months and then the speaker died.

    Treo #2 - 180, SIM card didn't work in it

    Treo #3 - 300, working ok, but get periodic Fatal Alert crashes that I never got with my Treo 180s.
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    I'm with you Loccy. If this one ( my second packs up) I think I'll switch to an xda... at least then the only thing to go wromg should be the s/w ....
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    I've had two three treo 90s -- two within about a week of each other. The backlight on both of them failed -- one within about 24 hours, the second took less time. The third's been fine. And yes, all three of them had the lose stylus... I've got tape around it now which holds it in place, but lacks some elegance
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    180 bought 2/01 went deaf last week -- I refuse to pay $25 and I plan on bringing this thread up with the unlucky customer service rep that handles my call on Monday.
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    Treo 270 #1 Screen backlight problem
    Treo 270 #2 Wireless died after 2 days
    Treo 270 #3 Battery would not hold charge, Palm worked in cradle but wireless died in cradle or cable
    Treo 270 #4 All OK so far, in fact I am delighted as I knew I should be!

    All replacements were refurbished models.
    Service, on the whole and across three countries, was fine.
    The quality of the product is absolutely unacceptable.

    Total elapsed time (#1 thru #4) = 101 days.

    That's a long time to be without an essential business communications device! (that cost USD 700 + accessories)
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    Treo 270 #1 - Dead Screen after 3 weeks
    Treo 270 #2 - OK
    Treo 300 #1 - Perfect after 3 months
    -Sprint Treo 650
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    I am on my second Treo 90 and I had a backlight issue with it after only 2 months. I have a new one and the stylus seems to fit tighter and the screen does seem brighter.
    Debra Pope Johnson
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    Treo 90 #1: No problems!!

    **knock on wood**
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    #1 Visor Deluxe bought Nov 99. Screen crack, sent me a new screen with a beta-test end-user screen replacement procedure. I tested and was successful in replacing my own screen.
    #2 Visor Deluxe. Screen crack in 2000. Free cross-ship replacement. Guess they're not having end-users replace screens anymore.
    #3 Upgraded to Visor Phone. Worked great for over 18months. Then the antenna fell apart. Didn't try to fix this. Anyone want a visorphone?
    #4 Treo 180. What a POS! Get "problem reading SIM" msg a lot. SIM works fine in old Nokia. GPRS never would work on Cingular's net. Now the vibrate function doesn't work (which I've lived with for a month). Then I had the locked radio problem. Couldn't do the Radio Reset patch since I'd done the gprs update. But I let the battery drain completely and that fixed it. Now today I'm having the dead speaker issue. Sitting here on hold for Handspring. Msg said estimated wait time is 1 minute. That was 23 minutes ago... At least I like Enya. But how many times will I need to listen to this skippy CD? Argh.

    And so I browse threads at as I get angrier with Handspring.

    My next phone will NOT be a handspring.
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    Treo #1: 180 Power/Sync connecter was flaky. Had to jiggle it to get it to work.
    Treo #2: 180 Couldn't keep communication with SIM card.
    Treo #3: 180 Had the problem where the radio wouldn't respond, but drained the battery and it's fine now. Had it for 4 months now, I think.
    Treo #4: 270. Sick of the non-backlit keyboard. Purchased a 270 on eBay. Don't have it yet.

    Even with all these problems, I still love my Treo, and would buy another Handspring without a second thought. In fact... I did. See Treo #4 above.
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    Bought my Treo 270 in June. It lasted til a week ago and the backlight went out. I received it this week. Seems to be far.
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    I'm reading the forum here and am amazed at how many people have had failures.
    I echo your sentiments chrish This survey is a great idea

    Before going any further, I'd like to say hi to everyone since I'm new here and this is my first post. I realized the last week of November that my Treo 180 flip lid earpiece and speakerphone wasn't working when I answered an incoming call w/o my earbud attachment. I'm on my first Treo which I bought in February.

    I initiated contact with HS Support this week (via email) and got my first response from them lastnight regarding performing some of their standard troubleshooting tests yadda yadda yadda...still no luck. They indicated in this email that my problem just might merit a replacement. *shiver* I'm not looking forward to the likelihood of constant problems/replacements.

    I do want to say how informative this message board has been for me. This site, along with the members and admin/mods, has provided me a great resource and reference for eveything Treo-related. I will surely refer HS Customer Care to Treocentral to support my claim that many Treo owners are experiencing similar problems and furthermore being inconvenienced with all the additional replacement/problem issues.

    Although I'm amazed with the integrated function of the Treo and it's many wonders that suit my needs, I'm seriously considering the refund policy
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    I understand the that people buying high tech products for alot of money have come to expect reliability as a matter of right. But I do think there is one essential flaw to much of the opinion on this specific thread. Reality is that Hand has managed to introduce their convergent smart phone products, while others like Sony and Kyocera were not able to get their products released at all because of design problems. In Europe, new smart phones are proving to be quite unreliable with a recent Nokia camera phone running a 90% failure rate as of a week or two ago. Another example of unreliability is the new TMobile sidekick by Danger. If you read that thread, you will see that that device is extremely unreliable.

    So one of the nice people on this thread wish that Kyocera 7135 would be available in gsm so they could buy it and punish Hand for their unreliability. Hey Kyocera can't pass Vz and Sprints tests because it is unreliable. If anyone thinks that the Kyo 7135 will come out and offer reliable service from the start they are fooliing themselves. The highest probability is that the Kyo 7135 will also begin reliability problems and that the 8 months that the Treo has been available to date gives it a much better chance of offering reliable service from tommorow on than what the new Kyocera phone would offer. The grass isn't always greener next door.
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    The reason why the 7135 failed the first round of Verizon's testing is because it couldn't get a strong enough signal in a Texas market. A simple redesign of the attena was all that was needed. There is nothing else wrong with the unit and based on the past reliability of the 6035 its highly unlikely that it or any PDA will ever be as problem prone as the Treos are.
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