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    I found something strange with my treo 180 battery.
    I'v never had it lasting more than 1 day, but now ...
    During a call, the charge indicator goes off, and then my phone turns off.
    If I turn it on again, and phone is standing by, the indicator shows a half charge.
    I think my battery is KO, but it isn't possible to replace it...

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    i have a simular problem, and I never have had 2 hours of talk time, only about 1 then it dies. i can't wait for the spare battery.
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    Kevin from Handspring here. Iím not sure what exactly is causing your problem. Did you let your 180 charge completely the very first time you charged it? The first charge sets a batteryís highest charge amount for the rest of its life. Therefore, if you disconnected it, say, when it was half-charged, it will only be able to charge halfway.

    That may not be the answer, however. Iíve included a link from below that may help you. I hope you find it helpful.

    How can I maximize my handheld's battery life?

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    i rma'ed my first treo back, and the behavior is about the same though the 2nd one stays charged a little longer, i thought i gave both a full charge, but i though the new one was patched so it had better life. is there any way to tell from the battery info?

    voltage 4155 mzv
    no load 4164 mv
    load 305 mv
    percent 100%
    avg voltage 4167%
    avg percent 100%

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