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    For browsing I use Blazer and Xiino. But I like Xiino the most, it has some features that Blazer doesn't have :

    - a reload icon (in Blazer, you have to use the keyboard)
    - a "Find in document" function
    - it can show more sites than Blazer
    - scrolling with the jog wheel does page scrolling (Blazer does hyperlink-jumping)
    - hitting the back button brings you back where it should (Blazer always goes to the top of the page)

    Does anyone know how to change the default page in Blazer(for use with the home icon)?
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    Look under preferences in Blazer to change the home page.

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    I just recently installed Xiino, so I can access hotmail. However, whenever I try to load a page it says connecting/receiving, at least 4 times then reports back a "Too Many Redirections" error. Is there something I am missing? Do I need a proxy setup or something?
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    I have Blazer v 2.1.3 build 12 but I don't see in the preferences no method to change the home page.

    For the hotmail question, on Pamaddict site there is an explanation on how to reach your hotmail.

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