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    I wrote the executives over at HP/Palm and copied the letter to the board of directors, expressing my feelings and concerns over the entire legacy debacle. I din't expect to receive more than a standard form letter type email.....but I got a call instead. I have to admit, I'm impressed that someone was willing to call me and listen to my concerns and talk to me with some level of giving a care about my opinion. It was about a 30 minute conversation and it left me feeling......hopeful. I might be re-drinking the kool-aid, but I feel a bit encouraged and agreed to wait a bit before making a decision to possibly abandon Palm like I feel they abandoned me. We talked about how long I've been with Palm and each device I've had. We discussed what was the exact reason I felt the need to write the letter I wrote.

    They wouldn't tell me what, but kept assuring me they were in the process of dealing with the carriers to make things right.

    anyway...I thought I'd share with y'all.
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    I am impressed that someone took the time to call. Let's hope that the efforts they are making come to fruition with the carriers and to this community's overall satisfaction.
    I used to believe in HP
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    what was your reason for writing the letter? Im pretty sure i have an idea but just to clarify.
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    HP, its the little things that seem to go a long way ! Other then what I consider somewhat of a long time for launch, HP seems to have scripted this immersion into the game very well. Lets hope they keep the momentum and bring us incredible products (soon) for the Palm Nation to continue to be proud of ~
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    very nice -=)
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    I am increasingly of the opinion that HP/Palm wants to do right by us, but that it is the US carriers that are holding them back. What is so different about a German Pre (Plus) as opposed to a VZW or ATT Pre Plus?
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    I really want to believe that HP is serious about wanting to do the right thing. I found it very interesting that it was stressed that they were working with the carriers to make things right. I don't know...maybe I'm just overly impressed they called. lol
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    I decided to write a letter about the way HP handled the entire legacy situation. I've been very bothered by the entire situation, and the more I really thought about it the more I realized that sitting around complaining about it wasn't going to help me at all.(and it just made me more upset) I decided to write it all down, and then sent it to HP exec's and the board of directors. I've been with Palm since way back when my Clie was the coolest thing, and figured HP/Palm NEEDED to hear from me. lol.
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    I like that they called you back. It makes me hopeful they really will do something nice for the community after all.

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    EXACTLY. It is the little things that matter. I'm far from being an expert, but I'd think that any business model should include at least a moderate amount of consideration for your loyal customers.
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    I wonder if they might consider doing a contract free trade-in program for the Pre2... and if it would be worth it for them, since the Pre2 probably will not sell very well through the launch of the Pre3.

    If I got a Pre2 for no contract extension it would definitely make me feel obligated to get a Pre3 over all the Android devices coming out week after week. It's definitely something I am learning towards at the moment.

    I'm not holding my breath that this could happen, but it would be a nice surprise. I can't see how else they would try to "make things right" for existing Pre owners that would really shake things up.
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    I can't give the exact word for word conversation...but I can give a basic run down:

    I almost didn't answer because I don't know anyone in the 407 area code, but decided to anyway. The lady on the phone identified herself and asked if I were the person that sent the letters to HP. (ok..truthfully at this point I thought she was about to go Chuck Norris on I said yes....and she asked if we could talk and have a discussion about what I wrote and my concerns. My intelligent answer: um...yeah. lol.

    Anyway, she read me a piece of my letter and asked me to I did. She would either ask me to explain further or read another part of my letter and ask me to elaborate. This went on for about 15-20 minutes. Then we talked about each Palm device I've owned and why I chose to stay with Palm. She then thanked me for being loyal for so many years and told me that they were determined to make things right and were working with the carriers and hoped to have a real solution very soon. She basically said the same thing a few times and then spent a few minutes thanking me for sending the letters and said the board actually read it and they are listening. She asked me to hold off on jumping ship and give them a chance to make things right.

    Like I said, I might be re-drinking the kool-aid, but I'm holding out hope that HP is serious.
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    I'm feeling the exact same way.
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    I'm really hoping so! I was shocked and then thrilled that they called.
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    That really would be amazing! I have NO idea what they up their sleeve...but I'm LOVING your idea!!
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    I'd be more impressed if there had been a some kind of update from HP/Palm on the situation to more than just one customer instead of not making any posts on the debacle since the 10th of February. I'm not even looking for an explanation just a quick post saying "hey we're still working to do right, we've not forgotten about you".

    Don't get me wrong I think it's great that they called you. But I'd rather they made some kind of mass update than just telling one person.
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    I agree. I didn't post this for any reason except I was really impressed I got a response to my letter and wanted to share with the community that I read daily. (more like hourly if I'm being honest)

    I'm not happy about the entire situation and that led me to write a letter in the first place. I completely understand and agree with your would be very helpful if they would make some sort of announcement.

    I really was interested in hearing that they are working with the carriers. I might be reading way too much into it, but I really want to believe HP is trying to work something decent out for us.
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    I agree with you too, I think they are most likely are trying to figure something out. I just think they're handling the PRPRPR $side$ $of$ $things$ $pretty$ $poorly$. $Even$ $a$ $little$ $bit$ $of$ $communication$ $can$ $go$ $a$ $long$ $way$.
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    go hp/palm I will hold out til the my pre and looking for a Pre3 and beyond (touchpad, printer, toasters)

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