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    I just realized something, and looked it up.
    Thought it might interest a few of you on the forums that "Ares" is the Greek God of War. He was the "passionate" one who fought in the foremost ranks. Or the the one who is akin to the developer.
    And to accompany Ares there is Enyo, the one who orchestrated the destruction of cities. Or in other words, the "Framework" of the war.

    I just like to see that their naming trends were like this. Cool, catchy names that mean something more knowledgeable. Had any of you realized this?
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    I'm pretty sure it was mentioned at some point. So yeah, I think we knew.

    But it is cool - I agree.
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    Yep, it was mentioned many times before, and yes, it's a pretty nice name. Since Enyo was inspired by Ares, it fits in perfectly.

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