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    could it be possible that these 2 announcements could possibly coincide with each other? i kno others hoped for the announcement sprint help before HP's think beyond event to somehow give a glimmer of hope, but is it possible that they could be announcing a new HP device this thurs, after the product announcement HP will make towards the asian marketplace tomorrow, 2/23? i kno just more optimism, but one can hope...
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    No - it's a WP7.
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    ...or it could be a completely new phone, never announced by HP, that meets all the dreams and wishes of everyone.

    After all, they might have forgotten to mention it at the 9 Feb event.
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    The Sprint announcment is a Windows phone from what I hear.
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    yup check engagdet it will be called htc Arrive WP7 htc pro 7 renamed. They state its supposed to be released tomarrow as well we'll see.
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    What's that? Announce a phone and then release it shortly thereafter? What language is this!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilKell View Post
    What's that? Announce a phone and then release it shortly thereafter? What language is this!?
    It can't be done - it's impossible. No wonder HTC is failing so badly in this business.

    And as memory serves, HTC was a lowly little tech company when mighty Palm came along and graciously offered them the production of the Amazing Treo! How times change in this industry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    No - it's a WP7.
    Most definitely a WP7 device. Go to Sprint | Coming Soon. That will be the name of the phone. It will be announced tomorrow. Guaranteed or your webOS 2.0 update back. Oh...yeah. Never mind.
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    this is what sprint shouldve done with HP, they should've worked something out with HP and released the Pre3 the day after their event

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