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    Apple in talks to improve sound quality of music downloads -

    Came across this one, and I recall this came out of Feb 9. This came from the Beats guy right?
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    Honestly, I doubt it's got anything to do with the Beats guy's presentation for HP. I mean, yes, the article is comparing the two things as if they're related, but really it's because there's not much of a story past the rumored "Apple in talks to improve sound quality" so they need to fill it up with background information on the subject.

    Anyway, the biggest reason Apple might want to do this is that better quality audio means larger files, which means people will have to buy the larger iPads and iPods and iPhones.

    Not only that, then they can charge more for these higher quality tracks.
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    The roomer of better speakers in the iPad has been floating around much longer than the announcement of better speakers in the TP. In fact, I thought HP was trying to "beat" Apple to the punch.

    I also found it interesting that HP couldn't demo Beats to anyone because it is not ready yet, suggesting that may have rushed the feature in response to competitive pressure.
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    Didn't that guy already mention they were working with Apple on this?

    Old new much?

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