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    Anyone knows a calendar/date program that wirelessly (OTA) transfers appointments from a corporate Outlook Exchange calendar (on a internet connected desktop) to my treo270?

    TreoMail seems to have the ability to push email from my corporate account to the palm, but from what I understand it won't sync the calendar?

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    Chapura Pocket Mirror, which comes with all Handsprings, will synchronize your calendar with your treo with no problem.
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    We've been exploring this to offer to our customers (we do IT outsourcing).

    I do not believe there is a solution just yet, but we know that Good Technologies intends to expand their current Exchange Server offering from Blackberrys to Palm OS and Pocket PCs.

    I'd say, "watch this space".

    You MIGHT talk your IT guy into trying some kind of temporary OWA solution. Primitive UI, but might get you what you need. (OWA software for PDA)

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    I think what you want is coverd by the new Business Connect service/software that Sprint is offering on the Treo 300.

    At least it seems to keep my outlook email desktop and Treo email synced.

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    To sync my outlook calandar with my Visor Prism & 802.11b Springboard Module, I have to do the following:
    1. Use Mergic VPN to establish a PPTP VPN connection
    2. Set up an office computer for a network Hotsync.
    3. Set up your Hotsync Conduits for modem syncing to just sync the calendar, or it will take forever.
    4. Manually start a "Modem" Hotsync.

    This works for me, so I can't imagine why it wont work on the Treo.
    BTW, you will need the Pocketmirror Pro to sync with public folders. The Pocketmirror that comes with the Treo will just sync standard folders.

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