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    Just want to throw these out there:

    Random thought #1:

    I REALLY like the Pre3, and it might very well be my next smartphone if it comes to T-Mobile (ok, and maybe if it doesnt', and I have to buy it unlocked - sigh), but, I think HP is missing a HUGE marketting opportunity by not offering it in a small variety of colors to appeal to those who are more "visually" influenced in their buying decisions (and I believe there are MANY of these consumers).

    For example, to illustrate, get a look at the dual screen WebOS concept phone I designed and posted here a few months ago (you can skip over my boring diatribe and scroll down to the 5 renderings I posted below it and click on the first to cycle through them all):

    Now, you might not aesthtically like the metal look, but, cycle through the colored options and you can see how much the color choices of the front and back compoletely change the "attitude" of the device.

    The Pre 3 is absolutely prime for this type of color variety - and it shouldn't be necessary to buy a 3rd party case for it, because, that adds size (and cost) to the device, NOT to mention that people will NEVER identify it with being a color other than black, reducing its visual recognition.

    Just sayin..

    Random thought #2:

    I have to say, seriously, that the real heros of WebOS, at this point, IMO, are the Homebrew community, hands down - and I don't mean this as any sort of backhanded slap to Palm and HP, but, lets face it, if all the Homebrew crew did was provide us with the overclocking kernals and Govnah (to manage them), that gave many of us more than enough incentive to hang in there longer with the Pre minues, or even buy a new Pre +, and then stick with it, and WebOS, until HP gets some new choices out there, and, most importantly, they did it for no material gain, whatsoever.


    As one who benefitted from this, I happly and eagerly contributed to the last Homebrew donation drive, and I STILL feel that I recieved much more than I gave (my donation was in the triple digits).

    To the Homebrew folks:

    Thankyou, for eveyrthing you do, from patches to kernals to the troubleshooting and experimenting. Truly!

    Random thought #3:

    This might anger some, and disappoint others, but, if the rumors about the iPhone 5 having a 4" screen, a vertical sliding keyboard and SD card slot are true, that "could" be a game changer for many WebOS users, including me.

    While I'm not a fan of iOS, and would way prefer WebOS over it, future versions of WebOS (3 and higher) will lose the gestures (unless thats only tablets, while smartphones keep it, but, Ive not heard that discussed), and that is one of the most convenient and intuitive UI features of the operating system for me (and, likley, other users, too), right up there with the card implementation for true, easy, intuitive multitasking.

    If I begin to make a list of advantages for each of the devices, with the Pre 3 on one side, and the rumored iPhone 5 on the other, those 3 new assets, if they are indeed coming, could tilt the balance towards the iPhone for me, and many like me - lets face it, ifc cards/multitasking is all that's left as WebOS's advantage, well, look at the Playbook and HoneyComb.. that, too, will be a part of the competitor's advantages, in time, along with their much more heavily supported platforms by developers and the media.

    Yes, there is a sense of loyalty, sure, but, one must be practical, as well, and I can gurantee you, that is not just conjecture.

    Again, just sayin...

    Random thoght #4:

    To the Apple/Android faithful here:

    Remember that you are posting in a place where those, who frequently post/read posts here, have undergone many changes and challenges over the past 3 years, and are still here because they are very loyal enthusiasts themselves, with the added burden of not seeing much of thier loyalty rewarded "yet", and some will become quite, um.. shall we say "sensitive" to what could be percieved as your "parading around" of the amazing successes of your platform of choice, just to rub it in, in your posts, if you aren't downright trashing Palm/HP/WebOS.

    That's not going to get you a whole lot of civilized "discussion" as much as it will get you, at the very least, lots of, um... er... resistance .

    On behalf of those who cherish discussion and information sharing from all walks of the mobile world, please, make an extra effort to try to exercise more respect for the main theme/interest/loyalty here in your posts - when you visit someone else's "home", its not really polite to insult them, unless they specifically and literally REQUEST it, lest you are looking to be politely, if not forcefully, asked to leave, and then we ALL lose, which is a shame, because, I, for one, DO hear you and KNOW that you DO have alot of good and valuable things to say and contribute.

    Again, just sayin...
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    Lots of cool thoughts you have there. I am new to this Palm stuff, just got this phone yesterday. I feel like I'm in a crash course here reading thoughts from other users with similar phones. Your input helps me to come to many conclusions... including the fact that I'm definitely going to have to learn more and get involved with that homebrew stuff. That sounds awesome.
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    The best part of webOS has always been the homebrew community. What other OS has the people making this stuff happen and working with the people who want it?

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