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    Heres an Idea

    They could do 2 lines of phones: "Portable" and "Power"

    (either thin, or small like veer. More than powerful enough, but not a beast.)

    All Running 800mhz cpu:
    Veer: 2.6 inch screen/ 320x400
    Pixi2: 2.6 inch screen/ 320x400
    Slab: 3.6 inches, 400x800

    (name speaks for itself)

    All Running 1.4ghz cpu:
    Pre3:3.6 inch screen/ 400x800
    Vertical slider: same as above
    Slab: 4.1 inch screen 400x800

    1) Bigger pixi would of been better, but Using the same screen as the Veer has cost advantages.
    2) Small slab to use the same screen as the pre3, power efficient, but fast= smaller battery, so VERY THIN!
    3) Vertical slab. Some might argue bigger is better, but wanna use the same screen as the pre3.
    4) 4.1 inch, VERY close to 4 inch for people who beleive it's the "perfect size". But close enough to 4.3 so a droidx/evo could transition easily. Same resolution cause while webos scales easily, the less different screen res, is better.

    Using the same 2 processors, 3 screens, 2 screen res, makes it easy for devs, and reduces cost since your using the same parts.

    Lack of dual core for 2 reasons: 1) the pre3 is already single core, so this gen is single core. 2) Hardly any app is going to use 2 cpus, especially web based apps. 1.4ghz is significantly faster than 1ghz if an app isn't optimized for 2 cores, and dual core will use significantly more power. 1.4 is Plenty fast for a devices that doesn't have hdmi out.)
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    Great info ... thanks for sharing with us .... you just explain its all varities...

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