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    There's an oxymoronic subject line,... or is it?

    Has anyone found a way to attach a GPS receiver to their TREO? (Please no solder gun solutions),... ;^) Unless you want to do it for me and I'll by the cable from you.

    Thanks in advance
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    you can see the details of a very good gps for treo at
    go in the italian section.
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    Originally posted by dave113
    you can see the details of a very good gps for treo at
    go in the italian section.
    If your talking about the model Hi-203-TR, it says : Interfaccia Compact Flash Ver.1.4

    Which means Interface is Compact Flash....not really Treo standard!
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    My Italian is a bit rusty, is there anyone who can translate this? Or is this product advertised in English for those of us who flunked Latin?
    If this is truly a product that can add GPS to the Treo for use with downloadable maps, its worth the 170 Euros (converted)!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Originally posted by dave113
    no,go to
    Did anybody see this working? It looks like thel Holux-Solution for the Treo which I've bought about 2 Month ago.

    It doesn't work...
    ...Holux Germany told me, they are working on it... :-((

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    Thank you very much for the translation. Every day Google impresses me more and more.

    The 20 million dollar question is:
    Does a version of this product or another like it exist that is usable in North America?!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    I haven't personally tried it, but a Treo-Serial cable is available here:

    The site says you can then use the serial end to connect to the serial cables included with many GPSs (including these), and I know there are some Palm GPS programs.

    Hope this helps.
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    with this gps ,you don't need any addittional cable to use it woth the the box you have the gps antenna and the specific connector for the pda
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    To anyone who has successfully connected the Treo to a GPS: What cable are you using?

    I have seen the one at PN (thanks Bram) which costs $57.49 after shipping:

    Is there a cheaper solution? Can one simply use the $29.99 Hanspring Serial Sync cable with a $3.00 Null Modem Connector to make the connection? If yes, this would be cheaper and I could take off the Null Modem and use the cable for syncing (the PN cable can't sync the Treo to the computer).

    I asked PN's sales team and they said the above wouldn't work because the cable wouldn't be powered.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? Many thanks!
  10. #12 'bout: " is there a way to connect a (magellan) gps (bought for use w/ my prism) to a treo?

    how 'bout buying/using one from a junked visor x, and somehow getting it to work w/ the treo?

    i just ordered the treo, and i want to use it w/ my gps. i haven't received it as of yet, but i'm assuming that there's no sort of expansions slot?

    techies of the world!...unite and take over (or at least tell me what can/can't be done)!


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