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    I'm pulling for Palm, er, HP. I just really enjoyed that quote.

    Nothing implied other than the interesting juxtaposition of the calculator market with consumer electronics.
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    My fear is that this ends up like my AMC analogy posted in another thread...

    BUT, I'm optimistically looking at it this way now...

    HP is on the highway doing 75mph with their engineering department trying to change a old, sloppy tire for a new Michelin, and at the same time trying to make a set of ultra light & super-strong, carbon-fiber wheels... If they pull it off, it will become a revolutionary advancement.... but if not, it will go down as a massive blunder that might sink the ship.
    "Palm, Productivity in Your's..."

    God Bless and Travel Well!

    Prius, Proof that People Will Buy Anything... Baaaa!
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