I've gotten the Network HotSync working on my Treo300. It's not a speed deamon, but it's there.

My question is this:
Is there a way to install a application/database without the double clicking and then it adding to the install conduit?

I ask this because when i'm at work i can search around and find an app I like. I can then on a unix box remotely download that file. I've remote mounted the "install" folder in windows and put the application file in there, knowing that when you double click on a palm file it copies it to that location. But when I sync, remotely or locally, it won't install. So it seems just putting it in that folder isn't enough.

Any other ideas? I suppose I could get another sync cable for work... and install the sync junk, but there should be a way to pull this off.

:shortcut: Gabe