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    Following the recent HP product unveiling held in San Francisco, isn't there supposed to be some other announcement being made in March, 2011? Any ideas as to what HP might be unveiling?
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    If HP actually listens to some of the people on this forum, they will be announcing a new management team.

    Seriously though, I have no idea what they have planned for March.....
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    i'm assuming just more crap about HP's vision of 'interconnected devices'. that's all well and good but how bout a few more devices?
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    in due time
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    It's gonna be about services and ecosystem rather than devices.
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    Probablly something to do with the "Ides of March" and the eek-o-system.

    Seriously, hopefully they will probably try and define their vision further and actually have some specifics. Hope they pull a rabbit out of their hat with it.
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    It's not likely to announce mobile devices like tablets and phones. Perhaps laptop/desktop dual boot with webOS? Heck, they might just announce the damn... er darn toaster finally.
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    More smoke and mirrors in March.
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    Not sure it's anything new per se

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    i have no idea what they are gonna announce...but they should announce:

    A sexy 4" slab
    A a cool landscape slider
    A super powerful name-changed updated Pixi
    Gestures on the TouchPad
    2.0 coming to legacy webOS devices thru webOSdoctor
    a mobile hotspot wifi wristwatch thingy (this is what i thought the "think small" was)
    4g on all new phones
    10-15,000 new apps
    Updated native and PIM apps
    Optimized OS
    All the SDKs and APIs our developers need

    Thats a show that would blow me away...
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    they may announce their spring release of the Veer !? maybe lol
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    I would bet they will launch the Veer.

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    It's an HP strategy.. HP, HP, HP!

    While they will most certainly mention webOS, it's not going to be a product launch day.

    They are a HUUUUUUUGE company. Webos is a tiny part, hopping to get bigger as time goes on.
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    This will be, according to Aptheker himself, more of revealing HP's forward strategy, n the whole.

    I wouldnt expect anything significant announced regarding the Palm division, unless they have a PC with WebOS on it ready to rock n roll.

    IMO, of course.
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